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Tribute To Ray Barretto - A Dustytape Selection

Dustytape Tribute To Ray Barretto
Tribute To Ray Barretto - A Dustytape Selection
(MP3 Podcast on 2006-03-01

R.I.P. Ray

Après Lou Rawls, Wilson Pickett, Henri Guédon (un "Tribute To Henri Guédon" concoté par Manu Boubli sera disponible vendredi sur, Jay Dee, Lynden David Hall... c'était au tour du maestro Barretto d'aller rejoindre le grand orchestre de St Pierre et de taper le boeuf avec ses potes Mongo Santamaria et Chano Pozo. Si vous connaissez pas le gars allez lire sa bio sur AllMusic et sinon allez nourrir votre IPod (ou ITunes) avec ce mix...

After Lou Rawls, Wilson Pickett, Henri Guédon (a "Tribute To Henri Guédon" mix by Manu Boubli will be available next friday on, Jay Dee, Lynden David Hall... now maestro Barretto has passed on, leaving the building to go jam up there with his pals Mongo Santamaria and Chano Pozo. f you don't know the guy read his bio on AllMusic and if not go feed your IPod (or ITunes) with this mix...

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Tracklisting :
01. Horace Parlan - Congalegre (feat. Ray Barretto)
(from 'Headin south', 1960 / Blue Note)
02. Ray Barretto - Trompeta y trombon
(from 'Latino con Soul' 1967 / United Artists)
03. Ray Barretto - Tin Tin Deo
(from 'Together', 1969 / Fania)
04. Ray Barretto - Together
(from 'Together', 1969 / Fania)
05. Ray Barretto - No Me Molestes Mas
(from 'Descarga Criolla', 1995 compilation / Palladium)
06. Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Jazz A Samba (feat. Ray Barretto)
(from 'Afro-Jaws', 1969 / Riverside)
07. Ray Barretto - Acid
(from 'Acid', 1967 / Fania)
08. Ray Barretto - Cocinando
(from 'Que Viva La Musica', 1972 / Fania)
09. Ray Barretto - Pastime Paradise
(from 'La Cuna', 1981 / CTI)

Original covers :

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Info :
Selected and mixed by DustyTape (


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Marco Marco ·  01 March 2006, 07:43

THE PRIDE that Ray Barretto felt for his roots and the respect he
always professed to Puertorican musicians inspired the production of Ray's last CD entitled "Standards Rican-Ditioned," a message to the world over the sensibility, preparation and knowledge of Jazz by Boricua talent.

Quietly, in November, Barretto entered the studio and recorded
alongside Hilton Ruiz (piano), David Sánchez (tenor sax), Papo
Vázquez (trombone), John Benítez (acoustic bass), Adam Cruz (drums)
and his son Chris (alto sax) on a sequence of jazz classics from the
Swing and Be-Bop eras, such as "Suddenley It's Spring," "Baby, Baby All the Time," "Strange Music," "Ivy," "I Had the Craziest
Dream," "Lover Man," "Say Something to Live For," "Lean On Me" and "Blues In E Flat."

The release of "Standards Rican-Ditioned," originally programmed for the month of June, should be sped up for release during the week of the 29th of April, in which Barretto would have turned 77 years old.

•WHICH ARE the 12 favorite songs of Ray Barretto during his tenure
with Fania? They appear on the cd "Ray at His Best," which has yet to be released.

"This album represents the essence of my life and career as a Fania
artist", Barretto explains in the CD liner notes in where the
following vocalists are presented: Ray de la Paz, Adalberto Santiago,
Tito Allen, Tito Gómez and Rubén Blades with their interpretations
of "Fuerza gigante," "Oye la noticia," "El hijo de Obatalá," "Vine pa' echar candela" and "Canto abacuá," amongst others.

"The material included represented different versions of my orchestra
in their most creative moments", Ray commented of the sequence of
such songs as "Acid" and Cocinando," as well as an original
composition "Mi dedicación," inspired while in Puerto Rico.

If there's a Salsa CD of Barretto's discography that his fans should
obtain as soon as possible it is the "Ray at His Best," featuring the reunion of virtuosos as Roberto Rodríguez, Orestes Vilató, Tony
Fuentes, Ray Romero, Johnny Rodríguez, Ralph Irizarry, Andy
González, Salvador Cuevas, Luis Cruz, Gil López, Eddie Martínez,
Oscar Hernández and other great arrangers and instrumentalists.

They are the favorite songs of the "Indestructible" Conga player and
each listen feels like having Barretto himself by your side.

bongo roro bongo roro ·  04 March 2006, 08:54

merci !
j'aurais rajouté le stargazer,même si c'est plus récent,mais un morceau que j'adore perso.

aurelien aurelien ·  23 March 2006, 20:45

merci pour ce merveilleux mix !!!

JazzDJ JazzDJ ·  25 March 2006, 12:42

Awsome tribute to a master... Respect ;-)

alcides alcides ·  16 August 2006, 13:08

ray romero SR has just passed away last night miami florida for more info please contact me

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