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Thurston Moore - Untitled (Luke Vibert Remix) / on Thurston Moore - Root

thurston moore
Thurston Moore - Untitled (Luke Vibert Remix)
on Thurston Moore - Root
(CD/5xLP) Lo Recordings LCD11, 1999-08

Info :
Notes: This was a project based around 25 one minute guitar pieces by thurston moore of sonic youth, sent out to around 100 people - visual artists as well as musicians - in hoover bags, the resultant was released as a cd, ltd edition cd (in hoover bag), 5 piece vinyl box set and as an exhibition which featured work by angela bulloch, david bowie, gavin turk and many others.

Tracklisting 5xLP :
A1. Moore Shit (Luke Vibert Remix)
A2. Untitled (Stock, Hausen & Walkman Remix)
A3. No. 11 (David Cunningham Remix)
B1. Untitled (Derek Bailey Remix)
B2. Super (Richard Thomas Remix)
B3. Keep Trying The Old Number (Alec Empire Remix)
C1. Roots (Warren Defever Remix)
C2. National Enhancer (Merzbow Remix)
C3. Untitled (Mogwai Remix)
C4. Untitled (Keith Ball Remix)
D1. Untitled (Echo Park Remix)
D2. Untitled (Luke Vibert Remix)
D3. Chew On This (Russell Haswell Remix)
D4. Untitled (Rod Dikinson Remix)
E1. Hard As F*** '97 Part 1 (Hypnotist Remix)
E2. Untitled (Peter Cusack Remix)
E3. Untitled (Mark Long Remix)
E4. Untitled (Steve Wheeler Remix)
F1. Untitled (Scanner Remix)
F2. Untitled (Savage Pencil Remix)
F3. Untitled (Claire Robbins Remix)
F4. Untitled (Stefan Beck Remix)
G1. 101% (Blur Remix)
G2. Untitled (Donald Christie & The Underdog Remix)
G3. Untitled (Third Eye Foundation Remix)
H1. Kleen (Twisted Science Remix)
H2. Beaujolais Nouveau Day (Cheap Glue Remix)
H3. Hard As F*** '97 Part 2 (Hypnotist Remix)
H4. Your Love (Mellowtrons Remix)
H5. Untitled (V/VM Remix)
H6. Untitled (Terry Smith Remix)
I1. Untitled (Spring Heel Jack Remix)
I2. Untitled (Stereolab Remix)
I3. Scion (Bruce Gilbert Remix)
J1. Untitled (Dj Speedranch Remix)
J2. Untitled (Add N To (X) Remix)
J3. Untitled (Mark Webber Remix)
J4. Untitled (Arashi Remix)

Tracklisting CD :
01. Untitled - Remix by Derek Bailey
02. Untitled - Remix by Alec Empire
03. Untitled - Remix by Mogwai
04. Untitled - Remix by Luke Vibert
05. Untitled - Remix by Donald Christie & The Underdog
06. Untitled - Remix by Blur
07. Untitled - Remix by Mark Webber
08. Untitled - Remix by Stereolab
09. Untitled - Remix by Cheap Glue
10. Untitled - Remix by Add N To (X)
11. Untitled - Remix by Spring Heel Jack
12. Untitled - Remix by The Hypnotist
13. Untitled - Remix by The Mellowtrons
14. Untitled - Remix by Warren Defever
15. Untitled - Remix by V/Vm
16. Untitled - Remix by Third Eye Foundation
17. Untitled - Remix by David Cunningham
18. Untitled - Remix by Echo Park
19. Untitled - Remix by Merzbow
20. Untitled - Remix by Richard Thomas
21. Untitled - Remix by Stock, Hausen & Walkman
22. Untitled featuring Burzootie - Remix by Twisted Science
23. Untitled - Remix by Bruce Gilbert
24. Untitled featuring Red King - Remix by Arashi
25. Untitled - Remix by Russell Haswell


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