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The Spam Allstars - Introducing Spam Allstars

Introducing Spam Allstars
The Spam Allstars - Introducing Spam Allstars
(CD) World Music Network/Introducing, INTRO110, 2008-08-26

Info :
Spam Allstars are Miami's hardest-working Latin band. Spam music, grounded in Latin funk, mixes horns, improvisational electronic elements and turntables with hip-hop and dub, adding touches of Pythonesque humour. Compiled by DJ Bongohead for your dancing pleasure.

Tracklisting :
01. Campanario 64 (6:32)
02. Gallo Pinto (7:48)
03. Ochimini (8:54)
04. Charanga E-350 (6:38)
05. El Aguafiesta (6:09)
06. Afrika (6:32)
07. Fiesta De Los Feos (5:57)
08. The Robots' Attack (8:33)
09. La Mareada (5:55)
10. Descarga Gusano (5:52)
11. Una Buena Limpieza (4:33)

Links :
Spam Allstars EPK

Press Release :
DJ Le Spam & the Spam Allstars blend improvisational electronic elements and turntables with latin, funk, hip hop and dub to create an electronic descarga. It's not a known genre. It's hard to describe. It attracts many types of people. But as they look out and see people dancing salsa, next to break-dancers, and festival-goers driving for hours to catch a show - they know something very special is going on.

Spam Allstars are road warriors - a touring band. Perhaps one could say they are taking an "old school" approach to sharing their music. For each performance they have, every music lover they meet, every time they bring yet another musician into the fold for a collaboration – Spam Allstars celebrate their opportunity to work as musicians and be creative each day.
In August of 2008, Spam Allstars have their first world-wide release on World Music Network. World Music Network (WMN) are the company that does the famed Rough Guide travel books, and also have a record label. In 2007, Spam Allstars licensed material to their Rough Guide series including The Rough Guide to Latin Funk, The Rough Guide to Latino Nuevo, and The Rough Guide to Salsa Clandestina. WMN then proposed doing an Introducing Spam Allstars release. This is a compilation of Spam Allstars material from the band's last three CD releases (electrodomesticos, contra los roboticos mutantes, and fuacata live!). Introducing Spam Allstars will be released on August 25th, 2008 around the globe.

The band has five CD and three vinyl releases on their own label – Spamusica Records. The last release electrodomésticos (4/2007) was recorded at the City of Progress studio in North Miami, FL, and produced by DJ Le Spam. The sessions were done while working around a 200+ yearly performance schedule. DJ Le Spam wanted to capture moments with musicians that the band had played with over the last few years. The outcome was a refreshing collection of recordings featuring each of the Spam Allstars – and a variety of guests. These guests included Pee Wee Ellis (saxes), Page McConnell (keys), Martin Perna (saxes), Sammy Figueroa (percussion), Jim Payne (drums), Albert Menendez (keys), Brendan Buckley (drums), Jose Elias (tres), Michel Diaz Fragoso (keys), Juan Carlos Valdivia (violin), Spencer Garn (keys), Ben Hovey (trumpet), and Carlos Averhoff, Jr. (saxes). Pee Wee also co-wrote and arranged the horns on a couple of songs. Artwork for the vinyl & CD were provided by EMILIO PEREZ courtesy of Galerie Lelong.

Other releases by Spam Allstars include: Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes (2004); Fuacata Live!(2002); Pigs in Space(2000); Pork Scratchings (1999), and three vinyl releases - vinyl #1, vinyl #2, and vinyl #3. Fuacata Live! is available in Japan on Amsys Records, in the UK distributed by New Note, and France distributed by Moradisc. Electrodomesticos is available in Japan on Bomba Records.

Spam Allstars have had the opportunity to participate in some special projects outside their regular work with the band. DJ Le Spam has been producing some new to be released projects (Eymarel, Spencer Garn Trio), as well as recording a new "yet to be tilted funk project" which he'll release on vinyl-only later this year. DJ Le Spam was thrilled to compile his favorite selections from the Fania Records catalog for their Fania Live Series released in the fall of 2007. Spam Allstars had the privilege of performing and recording with the aforementioned legendary saxophonist, Pee Wee Ellis (JB Horns). In 2006, Spam Allstars were invited to appear with Daddy Yankee for his MTV2's $2 Bill series. In 2004, the band created music for the Miami Heat to be used as intro music at every game. In 2003-2004 Spam Allstars collaborated and toured with Page McConnell's (Phish) side project - Vida Blue. The two bands recorded and toured together nationally as a 10-piece ensemble.

Spam Allstars were surprised and honored to have their third album Fuacata Live! nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2003. This achievement was exciting because the album had been recorded live to a CD burner during one of their weekly shows at Hoy Como Ayer in Little Havana.

In an effort to introduce their music to new people, Spam Allstars have established residencies in select markets. Originally this got started in their hometown with weekly performances in Little Havana, Miami, and Miami Beach. In 2002, they began a monthly residency at SOB's in New York City. They went on to have residencies in Atlanta, Tampa, Gainesville, New Orleans and Ft. Lauderdale. In the summer of 2005 the band headed to Europe sharing their version of electronic funk in everything from an underground Moroccan club in London, to the prestigious Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

Spam Allstars are Andrew Yeomanson/DJ Le Spam (turntables, samplers, guitar, bass), Adam Zimmon (guitars), Tomas Diaz (timbales, vox), AJ Hill (saxes, vox), Steve Welsh (saxes), Mercedes Abal (flute, vox), Chad Bernstein (trombone, vox), Jose Elias (guitars/tres) and Lazaro Alfonso (congas).

Please join us in celebrating Spam Allstars, and spreading the word about their music.


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lens lens ·  07 October 2008, 22:39

thx for that one. i saw them performing in miami november 2006 and it was great. do yourself a favour and go there if you have the possiblity to see them. live they are even "better"!!!! feeling the vibes! greets from austria

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