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The Procussions - Simple Song (Grant Phabao Remix)

The Procussions Grant Phabao Remix

In those hard times when government individuals thrive more and more on the poor, it's really nice to meet educated and involved artists. The Procussions are that kind of people, nice, intelligent and with something to say, without ever losing their natural cool. This is rare enough to be pointed out... Their latest album, 5 Sparrows For 3 Cents, was released earlier this year in the US but only in november 2006 in Europe. It's top-of-the-notch L.A. hip hop, funky, old school, with plenty of sunshine, so we thought at Paris DJs headquarters that it could be a good idea to try and do a collaboration with them, that could also help promote their french tour. The band got into the idea right away and soon -thanks to the Internet- the french dubmeister Grant Phabao, who recently reworked some George Clinton, Lee McDonald, Ty or Alice Russell tracks, received some vocal parts to play with... A few days later a new reggae instrumental was born, wonderfully gracing The Procussions' track with skanking riffs, heavy bass, clavinets chops, echo, reverb and lots of percussion - Phabao style. This is hip hop/reggae mashing-up at his best, we're just plain proud to offer you this as a free download. Get it while it's hot and don't miss the rest of the tour (see dates below).

The Procussions Grant Phabao Remix
The Procussions - Simple Song (Grant Phabao Remix)
(12" virtual release/MP3 Podcast on Rawkus/T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC122, 2006-11-14

Podcast XML Link : [podcast?]

Direct MP3 Download :
The Procussions - Simple Song (Grant Phabao Remix).mp3

Feedback :
"An unexpected twist - very cool" (The Procussions)
"It's Fresh!" (Jalal, The Godfather of Rap/The Last Poets)
"Grant Phabao did it again! Killer stuff. French mashup master is in the place." (Manu Boubli/Comet Records)
Already supported by Erik Rug (Les Disques du Telegraphe/Radio FG), Loik Dury (Kraked/Paris DJs), Betino's Record Shop, Soul Stereo Sound System...

Credits :
Vocal written by N. Harvey, J. Medeiros, B. Roberson, produced by Stro // HNGR Music / Kings Son Music / Tnanoser Music.
Instrumental written by F. Préaux, produced by Grant Phabao // T.I.M.E.C.

the procussionsThe Procussions are still on tour in France :
11 nov 20006 Paris (75), La Maroquinerie (+ C2C)
15 nov 2006 Lille (59), RiF HiFi festival - (+ Smooth)
16 nov 2006 Orléans (45), L'Astrolabe -
17 nov 2006 Agen (47), Le Florida -
18 nov 2006 Marmande (47), Le Petit Théâtre -
24 nov 2006 Montreuil (93), La Pêche -

Links :

The Procussions Grant Phabao Remix


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boub boub ·  16 November 2006, 07:41

nice one!

fan2zik fan2zik ·  29 April 2008, 10:36

can i add this mix on my myspace ?
if yes, how ?

i'm a real fan from Procussions,, Braille, Ohmega Whatts, Othello, Sivion, Talib Kwelli, and more in the same groove.

And this mix is incredible

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