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The Poets Of Rhythm - BTTB-X

Back To The Basics
The Poets Of Rhythm - BTTB-X
(Radio Mix) Back To The Basics, 2001-10-26

Tracklisting pt.1 :
01. James Knight - Save Me (Cat)
02. Reggie Sadler Revue - Raggedy Bag (Aquarius)
03. De-Hems - Don't Cross That Line (President)
04. Society Inc - Society (Bet)
05. Peter Thomas - Chariots Of The Gods (Polydor)
06. Main Concept - FB#3 (Deck 8)
07. Quasimoto - Astro Travelling (Stones Throw)
08. Burdson - Kabul Trip #2 (Conroy)
09. Show & AG - Next Level (DJ Premier Rmx) (Payday)
10. J-Zone - Zone Mission pt. 8 (Old Maid)

Tracklisting pt.2 :
01. Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Tutankhamun (Freedom)
02. Joe Lee Wilson - Sphirlov (Inner City)
03. Paul Humphrey - Baby Rice (Lizard)
04. The Upsetters - Popcorn (Trojan)
05. Sam Rivers - Turquoise (Impulse)
06. Big Black - 3rd Movement...Cure (Universal City)
07. Fabulous Count - Girl From Kenya (Moira)
08. Faruk Green - Except You My Bass (33 rpm)
09. Brute Force - Ye-Le-Wa (Embryo)
10. Sun Ra - The Utter Nots (BYG)
11. The Upsetters - Catch This (Trojan)

Tracklisting pt.3 :
01. Juan Pablo Torres - Ey!...OP.1 (Arcito)
02. Barriostyle - Latino Boogie (Puerto Rico) (Gomma)
03. Aromadozetherapy - Strudel Strut (Future Primitive Sound)
04. World Class Wreckin' Cru - Surgery (inst) (Z Rock)
05. Embryo - Infinite You (Disconform SL)
06. No Info - Dub (Clocktower)
07. Tinga Stewart - The Message (Dragon)

Tracklisting pt.4 :
01. Ahmad Jamal - Manhattan Reflections (Impulse)
02. Pan Atlantics - Serengeti Stroke (B.M.J.)
03. Sun Ra - Say (Celestial)
04. Palais Schaumburg - Morgen wird der Wald gefegt (Phonogram)
05. Warm Excursion - Hang Up! (Pzazz)
06. Whitefield Brothers - Yakuba (Soul Fire)
07. Charles Wright - I Got Love (Warner)


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