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The Long Lost - The Art of Kissing / Woebegone

the Long Lost Woebegone
The Long Lost - The Art of Kissing / Woebegone
(12"/Download/promo CD) Ninja Tune ZEN12224/ZENDNLS224/ZENCDS224P, 2008-10-11

Tracklisting :
01. Woebegone (Flying Lotus' Luckiest Charm)
02. Woebegone (Fly Lo's Like Woe)
03. The Art of Kissing
04. Woebegone

Links :

Press Release :
"If I gave you my luckiest charm/ If I swore that I’d do you no harm/ If I promised you peaches and plums/ Would you pep up and not be so glum?" – "Woebegone"

The Long Lost consists of high-school-sweethearts turned husband-&-wife Alfred (a.k.a. Daedelus) and Laura Darlington. Both hail from Santa Monica, California, where they met in the high school orchestra – he on double-bass and she on flute – and became partners in the ballroom dance club.

After 4 years apart, they formed The Long Lost during a renewed courtship in 1998. In contrast to the avant-electronics and hip-hop aesthetics of Alfred's music as Daedelus, The Long Lost is a union of two songwriters & producers with a penchant for sad sounds and delicate, electro-acoustic melodies. These two hopeless romantics make psychedelic lullabies for lovers and the lovelorn.

Nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly than on the "Woebegone" EP. "The Art of Kissing" is an exquisite Brazilian-influenced number whose stillness and poise is in fact driven hard by frantic brushed drums (the lovers’ heartbeats?). "Woebegone" goes folkways for an achingly beautiful ballad, both familiar and strange.

As well as Sa-Ra, Laura has also sung for Flying Lotus and here the favour is returned with a remarkable remix from the man himself completing the package and taking "Woebegone" in a startling alternate direction.

A fascinating and utterly individual project, The Long Lost take the subject of love away from the cliches and hackneyed wailing of the mainstream and reconnect it to those strange and uncontrollable emotions we’re all so in thrall to.


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