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The Herbaliser - The Missing Suitcase

the herbaliser missing suitcase
The Herbaliser - Missing Suitcase
(12"/12"/CDS) Ninja Tune ZEN1281/ZEN1281R/ZENCDS81, 1999-07

Principe qui, une fois n'est pas coutume, a fait ses preuves: le CD-single promo sans pochette tout pas beau j'ai pas envie de l'écouter il est laid. Contenant Missing suitcase et When I Shine issus tous deux de Very mercenary, dernier album du combo The Herbaliser. À noter, un remix Lynchien de Missing suitcase par Dj Craze, qui fait de cet original breakbeat un hymne mortuaire pour esprits faibles mais sympas. When I Shine est pour sa part découpé en tranches lors d'un Dynamic Syncopation remix. J'vous dirais bien de l'acheter, mais il n'est pas en vente. En revanche, vous pourrez le trouver en pas promo, en tout beau sous sa zoli pochette vinyle, et surout ne manquez pas l'album! - Tiff
Note breakbeat hip hop remix : 5/5

the herbaliser missing suitcase
The Herbaliser - Missing Suitcase
(12"/12"/CDS) Ninja Tune ZEN1281/ZEN1281R/ZENCDS81, 1999-07

CDS Tracklisting:
01 The Missing Suitcase (Radio Edit)
02 When I Shine feat. Bahamadia (Album Version)
03 The Missing Suitcase (DJ Craze Mix)

12" ZEN1281 Tracklisting:
A1 The Missing Suitcase (Album Version Fat Cut)
B1 When I Shine feat. Bahamadia (Album Version)
B2 When I Shine (Instrumental)

12" ZEN1281R Tracklisting:
A1 The Missing Suitcase (DJ Craze Mix)
B1 When I Shine (Dynamic Syncopation Mix)
B2 When I Shine (Dynamic Syncopation Instrumental)

Press Release :
It was a typical summer night - typical for me, anyway. The rain poured through my open window, splattering my files of unsolved cases. My fifth storey room glowed neon bulbs outside advertising the fifth and corruption of a city that couldn't be saved, silhouettes of fading souls flickering across the walls...I was going outtta my mind. I needed a job, and it needed to be goddamn funky. Just then, a beautiful Afro-American woman walked straight in, without knocking. MY NAME IS BAHAMADIA, she said, YOU MAY HAVE HEARD OF ME. Of course I had heard of her...her silky lyrics were renowned throughout the world.

THE MISSING SUITCASE was the problem. The case had been stolen by The Herbaliser, the infamous horn-playing sample driven jazz-funk monster who had carved his name across traditional jazz dancefloors and scrawled his tag across the hip-hop Hall of Fame. The Missing Suitcase was full of fast and funky movement, a testimony to speed-jazzage laced with bass that could only have come from the future. This was gonna be trouble - if the contents of the suitcase were leaked, I was afraid of the consequences - hysteria across dancefloors, pandaemonium on the airwaves.

I had no choice - I enlisted the help of the damsel BAHAMADIA. We knew how hungty The Herbaliser was for liquid-laced vocals to mangle in his BRASS-toothed jaws - I hoped that when the beast heard her dulcet tones, he would reveal himself. When I asked the Queen what she would say, she simply smiled. I'LL JUST TELL THOSE NAUGHTY BOYS ABOUT WHEN I SHINE...THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO RESIST


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