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Switchstance In The Mix 2007 - mixed by Tom Strauch

Switchstance in the Mix 2007
Switchstance In The Mix 2007 - mixed by Tom Strauch
(exclusive mix for Switchstance Recordings, 2007-12-04

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Tracklisting :
01. Deela feat. Shocking Murray, Maiiah & Mango Juice - Power Gone
(from 'Ruhrfahrt EP' 12 inch, 2007 / Switchstance)
02. Deela - Ghost Song (Bobby Hughes Combination Remix)
(from 'Fantastic Freeriding Remixed' compilation, 2007 / Switchstance)
03. Mango Juice - Fire Pon Rome
(from 'Cry Out EP' 12 inch, 2007 / Switchstance)
04. Deela feat. Maria Garcia Lora - Quierez Corazon
(from 'Mano Mano' album, 2007 / Switchstance)
05. Deela feat. Maria Garcia Lora - Killo
(from 'Mano Mano' album, 2007 / Switchstance)
06. Kabanjak feat. The Jungle Brothers - Brain In Dub (Protassov Remix)
(from 'Kabanjak Meets Protassov - Grow EP2' 12 inch, 2005 / Switchstance)
07. Protassov - Fine Times
(from 'Steam & Oil EP' 12 inch, 2007 / Switchstance)
08. Kabanjak - Clap Your Hands
(from 'Kabanjak Meets Protassov - Grow EP1' 12 inch, 2005 / Switchstance)
09. Protassov - Steam & Oil (Flevans Remix)
(from 'Steam & Oil EP' 12 inch, 2007 / Switchstance)
10. Deela feat. Mango Juice - For What You Are
(from 'Mano Mano' album, 2007 / Switchstance)
11. Ancient Astronauts - 36 Hours (Fort Knox Five Remix)
(from 'Fantastic Freeriding Remixed' compilation, 2007 / Switchstance)
12. Deela - Birds Are Singing
(from 'Ruhrfahrt EP' 12 inch, 2007 / Switchstance)
13. Protassov - Wake Up
(from 'Steam & Oil EP' 12 inch, 2007 / Switchstance)

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switchstance recordings
tom strauch
Tom Strauch/Switchstance Recordings Interview :

First of all can you present yourself?
My name is Tom Strauch and i am founder, owner and manager of Switchstance Recordings out of Moers/Germany... I am also part of the production duo Ancient Astronauts...

When did you start Switchstance Recordings?
I started Switchstance Recordings in the beginning of 2001...

What was the idea of the label to begin with?
First of all the intention was to release the music of my friends and myself cause we here at Switchstance have been knowing each other for a long time now... Encouraged to start our own independent label by positive examples like Ninja Tune, Wall Of Sound, etc., we wanted to release and place our music worldwide. Our point of view was that most of the music out there sucks so we worked on our own definition of a funked up groove. Our artists play a lot of live instruments and fuse them with modern production techniques. The music we put out is a kind of organic Beats & Breaks with strong influences by raw Funk, Jazz, Afro, Hip Hop, Reggae & Dub, Latin, Rock, etc.
From the beginning my intention was to have one leg in a field (or culture) that gives us a special note on the worldwide music market. Through my background in snowboarding and working in the Swiss and French alps I knew that there is a big lack of tight and fat beats in the boardsports culture and the music that is involved. A lot of bad DJs on events and music was mostly Hardcore/Punk or straight Hip Hop... so when we started the label I gave it the name Switchstance Recordings cause we switch a lot between the music styles we play in our DJ sets and also in our musical productions. We wanted to add some quality club music to the world of boardsports and to the world of funk-addicted human beings.

Do you compare Switchstance with other labels?
I can't really say that i compare our label to others but i can see a lot of similarities with other good labels out there that we respect or even work with, but there are also a lot of differences... Music-wise I would say we swim in a pool with labels like Tru Thoughts, Fort Knox, Freestyle, Melting Pot, Sonar Kollektiv, Ninja Tune, Catskills, Breakin' Bread, ESL, Unique, Six Degrees or others...

Do you believe there's a competition among artists, labels?
Mmhhh i would say I guess there are some labels and artists who are treating music as a competition, but actually we never cared of something like this. We see music as a cultural thing that brings people together, gives them good feelings and thoughts, makes them dance, makes them think, etc. Especially in real and serious music genres like Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae, etc., the people should cling more together and support the music and the culture behind it and not try to make an ego-thing out of it. Those that always wanna compete will soon be gone. Those that wanna bless the world with quality music will stay forever.

Tell us what's been happening for Switchstance in 2007?
We had a lot of changes here in the music and management side... A kind of restructurisation in the office and Bernd "Kinski" Rösler, who was working with Stereo Deluxe before and who became my label partner for 2 years, left Switchstance Recordings. He's still part of our DJ collective though. Times for selling quality music are tough nowadays and people are buying less CDs and vinyl... but since the beginning of this year we are happy to be exclusively distributed by Groove Attack who are a good adress for all things funky and dope. This is like a second start for our label as we think. We work on new ways of distribution through them and are working on heavy releases.
We have a new reggae artist called Mango Juice who is our latest family member, coming from the same area as we do. We are very happy to work with him both live and in the studio. We released a remix album of our Fantastic Freeriding label compilation series (with remixes by Fort Knox Five, AGFA, Bobby Hughes Combination, Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop, etc.), Deela dropped their debut album this year and by the end of the year Mango Juice and our man Protassov will drop their solo EPs on vinyl... Remix-wise we did some remixes for Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), Zion I & The Grouch, Zion Train, Soulphonic Soundsystem...

Tell us about this mix you did to present your label through
Well it is a spontaneous DJ mix i did with strictly Switchstance music. It gives a good overview about the musical direction of Switchstance Recordings. The mix was done in one take with two turntables and one mixer. It kinda reflects more a live set by Switchstance than a perfect studio-made dj mix i would say. But all in all, it reflects the music of Switchstance Recordings... from about 2 years ago up to brand new stuff which is not out yet.

What are your projects for the end of the year?
The "Cry Out EP" by Mango Juice (SR12 010) and the "Steam & Oil EP" by Protassov...

What can we expect from Switchstance in 2008?
You can expect a full length album by Protassov called "Shalina Music" which will be wonderful piece of music. The album features mostly instrumental tracks but also Bajka (known from her work with Poets Of Rhythm, Bonobo, Jazzman Records, etc.) or Protassov himself on vocals. We will have EP's by Deela, Ancient Astronauts, Kabanjak and more with remixes from Radio Citizen, Kid Loco... Also the Ancient Astronauts will drop their debut album which will be full of heavy funk and dopebeats, deep rockers reggae and true school hip hop... It features the vocal talent of Bajka, Tippa Irie, Rashaan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Mango Juice, etc.
Expect some tight dopebeats that shoot your knees :-)
One Love


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