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Speech Defect - Freshcoast Gettin' Rowdy

Speech Defect Freshcoast Gettin Rowdy
best of 2006Speech Defect - Freshcoast Gettin' Rowdy
(CD/2xLP) Jugglin' JUGGLINCD001/JUGGLINLP001, 2006-03-27

Tracklisting CD :
01. Blast It In Your Hood
02. Do It Like That
03. Skin Deep
04. Solid Gold
05. Amusing/Amazing
06. I'm On My Way
07. I Wanna Do My Thing feat. Aaron Phiri
08. Skit
09. My Favourite Waste Of Time
10. The Break Seminar pt. 3
11. One tape song
12. Acin' It
13. Future Movement
14. Ain't It Just Like A Hollywood Movie?

Tracklisting 2xLP :
A1. I Wanna Do My Thing feat. Aaron Phiri
A2. Solid Gold
A3. Future Movement
A4. Blast It In Your Hood
B1. The Anthem
B2. Acin' It
B3. Get Biz
C1. Skit
C2. My Favourite Waste Of Time
C3. One Tape Song
C4. Amusing/Amazing
C5. I'm On My Way
D1. Do It Like That
D2. The Break Seminar pt. 3
D3. Skin Deep
D4. Ain't It Just Like A Hollywood Movie?

Links :

Press Release :
Just when you thought you were safe! Speech Defect, the band that will rock you, is here. From touring with Ugly Duckling throughout the UK to hitting the charts in Japan things have been hectic. But time has been on their side and Raw Fusion/Jugglin' Records are now finally releasing their album "Freshcoast Gettin' Rowdy" worldwide. Not a day too soon.

It has been a good year for our friends in Speech Defect. Already back in the lab they have released three 12" singles in less than 6 months, all of them sold out and hitting the dance floors from Beijing to Los Angeles. Not only that, in 2005 Speech Defect's DJ Prao-D made sure to come runner up (2nd place) in the Swedish DMC battles meaning he will compete in the world finals held in London later this year. In the meantime the three emcees of the group (Mr Linus, Thage and Boogie B) have been puttin' together hard hitting songs for future releases and new crazy concepts for their much appreciated live show. Yup, they've been busy. Touring with Ugly Duckling last year and hitting major venues like the Roskilde festival this year, can anything go wrong? Nah. And now "Freshcoast Gettin' Rowdy" is finally here. Get your copy today.


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