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Spank Rock - Bump

spank rock bump
Spank Rock - Bump
(promo-only white label 12") Big Dada BD096, 2006-09-25

Tracklisting :
A1. Bump
B1. Bump (XXXchange instrumental)
B2. Bump (Switch remix)
B1. Bump (Best Fwends remix)

Promo CD artwork :
spank rock bumpspank rock bump

Press Release :
"Honey, honey, see me - behind my Gameboy I got game girl, it comes easy"

Spank Rock rip back into action with this ultra-limited, promo only white label 12" of "Bump". One of the stand-out cuts from the phenomenal "YoYoYoYoYo" album (already claimed by Time Out as one of its albums of the year) and featuring vocal contributions from Amanduh Blank, "Bump" is a storming pop maelstrom spread out over 7 minutes of foul-mouthed sex rhymes.

Not content with offering you the original (and XXXchange’s awesome instrumental), we got Switch to go further out than he ever had before with an epic and utterly weird remix that works on the floor while it unhinges your head (and features all the female filth you could want). Then, to complete the package, we turned to the most crazed lysergic-bubble-gum funksters in Austin, Texas, Best Fwends (who, in an unconscious example of ying and yang, focussed on the male filth).

All in all, it’s the kind of over-sized, effortlessly stylish package you’d expect from Spank Rock. Large than large.


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Decknologist Decknologist ·  21 September 2006, 13:46

How do I get a copy of one of these. Do I need to mug someone walking out of the Big Dada offices????

Djouls Djouls ·  22 September 2006, 07:23

It's out on the 25th... check the online stores (, ninjashop, etc.) to grad a promo 12 inch...

chain vaids chain vaids ·  25 September 2006, 19:17

spank rock - shit hot.

is it out today?

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