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Snap Ant - iThis Is Jut!

Snap Ant This Is JutSnap Ant This Is Jut
Snap Ant - iThis Is Jut!
(CD) Invicta Hi-Fi LIQ030, 2005-10-10

Review :
Oh my what a strange album. It took me quite a while to get into, maybe because of the first misleading tracks...
Opener "!Jut!" is a melodic dirty analogue thingie, quite a cool introduction to a lo-fi home-produced electro-pop psychedelic album. Then come "Shock Control" and "Function Room", leaning towards current glam-electro-pop hype.
You pass that false-leading introduction, you'll get transported into a marvelous world of wonder, filled with Brazilified-Beatles psychedelia ("Larva Ball"), Beta Band-ish trippy pop ("Berewind"), Super Numeri-esque ethereality ("She Makes All Sense", "Better One In The Hand Than Two In The Bush"), Cornelius-like dreamy electronics ("Savour Piece", "You Make Me Basic"), out-there post-punk by Muppets ("Grumpy Nymph"), with layers and layers of LSD-friendly little sounds ("Inner Red Daze") and Ween-ified alien pop ("Truning Ugly").
Whoa that's one hell of a ride into the mind of Super Numeri's and Ladytron's bass player. Are you ready for this?

Note : Snap Ant plays electric bass guitar & kalimba in Super Numeri.

Tracklisting :
01. iJut!
02. Shock Control
03. Function Room
04. Larva Stall
05. Berewind
06. She Makes All Sense
07. Saviour Piece
08. Better One In The Hand Than Two In The Bush
09. You Make Me Basic
10. Grumpy Nymph
11. Inner Red Daze
12. Turning Ugly

Links :

Press release :
Snap Ant was born in a crash outside a small English parish and after a small insurance payout. Having previously recorded with a partner under the 'Omnium' moniker for Ntone records, Snap Ant decided to go solo and subsequently lose his marbles by creating bizarre instrumental electronic music for various releases and remixes. Slightly nauseous and sick to the teeth of an Atari screen, he moved to Liverpool, met Pop Levi and together formed the free cosmic pond group 'Super Numeri' with Karl Webb. Signing to Ninja Tune in 2000, Super Numeri went on to record and release the critically acclaimed Great Aviaries album but not before Snap Ant had laid the foundations for his own debut record.
'This Is Jut' was recorded whilst living in Adlington House, a hub of crazed individuals, artists and a variety of exceedingly dubious characters. The album toys with various sounds and influences from experimental electronica to rock to bossanova whilst still retaining it's own distinctive jutting style. Signing to Invicta Hi-Fi, Snap Ant's first single was the 'Execute The Ping EP' in 2003 released on transparent yellow vinyl. The EP contained 'Saviour Piece' which went on to be included on the Ladytron compilation 'Softcore Jukebox' on Emperor Norton (prior to this Snap Ant had also remixed the seminal Ladytron single 'Playgirl'). Execute The Ping also included the country tinged 'Give Up The Juice' that was included on the Cloak01 compilation released in Japan on the Rallye label. The second single 'You Make me Basic' was a ' crash of Teutonic efficiency and softly spoken vocal harmonies' (DJ Magazine). The final single before the release of 'This Is Jut' is 'Grumpy Nymph', a song about diseased minds.

'This Is Jut' comes out on cd through Invicta Hi-Fi in the UK on October 10th and will be available for download from iTunes among other sites.


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