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Skalpel - Konfusion

Skalpel Konfusion
best of 2005Skalpel - Konfusion
(2xCD/LP) Ninja Tune ZEN114, 2005-10-03

Tracklisting LP :
A1. Skalpel - Shivers
A2. Skalpel - Flying Officer
A3. Skalpel - Long Distance Call
A4. Skalpel - Hiperbole
A5. Skalpel - Deep Breath
B1. Skalpel - Konfusion | Go Download MP3
B2. Skalpel - Test Drive
B3. Skalpel - Wooden Toy
B4. Skalpel - Split
B5. Skalpel - Seaweed

Tracklisting CD :
01. Skalpel - Shivers
02. Skalpel - Flying Officer
03. Skalpel - Long Distance Call
04. Skalpel - Hiperbole
05. Skalpel - Deep Breath
06. Skalpel - Konfusion | Go Download MP3
07. Skalpel - Test Drive
08. Skalpel - Wooden Toy
09. Skalpel - Split
10. Skalpel - Seaweed

Tracklisting Bonus CD :
01. Skalpel - Break In (Backini remix)
02. Skalpel - 1958 (Quantic remix)
03. Skalpel - Break In (Dr Rubberfunk ‘Live A No.10A’ remix)
04. Skalpel - 1958 (Skalpel remix)
05. Skalpel - Break In (J’s remix)
06. Skalpel - Break Out (Skalpel remix)
07. Skalpel - Low
08. Skalpel - Low (Reconstruction by The Amalgamation Of Soundz)
09. Skalpel - Break In (Paradowski remix)
10. Skalpel - 1958 (Extended remix)
11. Skalpel - Laboratorium

Press Release :
Polish duo Skalpel return with their second album for Ninja Tune and it’s a deeper, darker, more satisfying journey into the roots of Eastern European jazz and breaks than they have ever managed before.

The Polish DJ duo aim to “resurrect the dusty and smoky spirit of ‘60s and ‘70s Polish Jazz and then re-imagine it for 21st century audiophiles”. This period in Polish history was deeply communist and jazz presented a different reality and an emotional escape. As they recently said in the UK based Flux magazine, “It was made in the underground and it has the sound of artistic freedom”.

From “Shivers,” which does exactly what it says on the tin, on into the double bass-driven “Long Distance Call,” the wah-trumpeted, heavy riffing “Test Drive”, the funkiest drumming of the title-track , the cut up torch song aesthetic of “Deep Breath,” this is a record brimming with ideas, with atmosphere, with the kind of intelligent cut and paste that makes it an artform instead of a form of theft.

Very much one for jazzers, beat heads and strong cigarette smokers, “Konfusion” is an album to soundtrack your espresso breaks and to play so that you don’t have to read Jean Paul Sartre. These boys are celebrities in their mother country, which suggests that the Poles have slightly better taste than we do.

The extra special bonus disc which will also be included with “Konfusion” features remixes of tracks from the duo’s eponymously-titled debut rendered anew by the likes of Quantic, Dr Rubberfunk and Amalgamation of Soundz Including Skalpel’s own cheeky yet monstrous remix of 1958.

Links :
Skalpel Remix Competion Winners (w/ MP3 downloads)


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