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Seven Dub - Rock With Me

Seven Dub Rock With Me
best of 2005Seven Dub - Rock With Me
(CD) Play Label PLAY010CD, 2005-05-22

Expect a podcast on in feb 2006 !

Tracklisting :
01. Seven Dub - Running Away (Leave The World Behind mix) feat. Angelique
02. Seven Dub - U And Dem (Bredren United mix) feat. Paul St Hilaire
03. Seven Dub - Rock With Me (rocker's Delight mix) feat. Angelique & Zakeya
04. Seven Dub - Ashes (exclusive for japan)
05. Seven Dub - It Doesn't Matter (African Daughter mix) feat. Lone Ranger & Angelique
06. Seven Dub - Untitled Tribute (Your Own Way mix) feat. Angelique
07. Seven Dub - Stranger (Magic Maker mix) feat. Paul St Hilaire
08. Seven Dub - Wake Up (Beware mix) feat. Angelique
09. Seven Dub - Eden/War (Original Drummer mix) feat. zakeya & Angelique
10. Seven Dub - Yokozuna Dub (exclusive for japan) feat. Angelique
11. Seven Dub - My Only Lover (Lover's Rock mix) feat. Angelique
12. Seven Dub - Rockers Revenge (exclusive for japan) feat. Angelique
13. Seven Dub - Yvo Riddim feat. Angelique
Bonus Tracks :
14. Seven Dub - Running Away (Dub mix)
15. Seven Dub - U And Dem (Little Tempo exclusive mix for japan)
16. Seven Dub - Untitled Tribute (Quante Jubila exclusive mix for japan)

Press Release :
Rock With Me is Seven Dub's third album and is packed with no less than 16 solid tracks. It features guest appearances from Berlin-based Paul St Hilaire (a.k.a Tikiman), and once again, the smooth and distinctive vocals style of Angelique Willkie (a long-term collaborator since their first album, Rock Me Tonight).

Also featured are the rough ragga vocals of Zakeya from Dominica and Jamaican sing-jay legend Lone Ranger, who collaborated with the band on a recent visit to Paris.

The title track Rock With Me is a bouncy lover's rock tune featuring the gorgeous vocals of Angelique making an offer no sane man could refuse, Paul St Hilaire (a.k.a Tikiman) lends his distinctive vocals to U and DEM which comes with a special Japan-only remix by Little Tempo propeling it into outer-space dub territory. Paul St Hilaire also contributes to the light, uptempo Stranger, a tale of true love found. A similar uplifting vibe is shared by It Doesn't Matter, a love song to the island of Jamaica sung by Angelique (of Jamaican descent) and Jamaican reggae legend Lone Ranger.

Seven Dub, however, are not a group to shy away from serious topics: "Wake Up" is a call to nations of the world to be aware of America's hidden (or not so hidden) agenda behind it's recent foreign oil-driven conquests in Iraq and Afghanistan. Inner-city problems of drugs, violence and prostitution are dicussed in Eden/War.

Play label's own Quante Jubila have remixed the traditional Caribbean -sounding Untitled Tribute and added a quirky, contemporary flavor of their own.

Also for the dub-heads there are some driving instrumental such as Marathon Dub, Peanutsand Ashes Dub which although essentially reggae-driven display Seven Dub's mastery at naturally blending in the feel of authentic funk and jazz.

Leave it to Seven Dub to show you just how sexy dub can be.

Reviews :
Roots reggae may have gone into retirement in its native Jamaica, but in in far-flung countries like France, the home of Seven Dub, and Japan, the base of Play label, it continues to thrive. On their third album, Seven Dub turn in 15 beguiling tracks of fat drum'n'bass, lightened with touches of jazz and R&B and filtered through a sophisticated European lens. Paul St. Hilaire (a.k.a Tikiman) and Angelique Willkie sing high and sweet, while Zakeya from Dominica and Jamaican sing-jay legend Lone Ranger add the right amount of "ruff'n'tuff." Angelique plays the seductress on the title track, while "Wake Up" roasts America's post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Japanese dub unit Little Tempo put "U and Dem" through the FX remix blender, while Play label's own Quante Jubila give a contemporary spin to the Caribbean-sounding "Untitled Tribute." DG


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