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Saravah Soul

Saravah SoulSaravah Soul
Saravah Soul - Saravah Soul
(CD/2xLP+CD) Tru Thoughts TRUCD149/TRULP149, 2008-03-24

Tracklisting CD :
01. Oil Is Thicker Than Blood
02. Nao Posso Te Levar A Serio
03. It's Doing My Head In
04. Arroz Com Feijao
05. Funk E Saravah
06. Roubada
07. Role De Bike
08. Supersossego
09. Homesick
10. It's Doing My Head In (Instrumental)

Tracklisting 2xLP :
A1. Oil Is Thicker Than Blood
A2. Nao Posso Te Levar A Serio
A3. Funk E Saravah
B1. It's Doing My Head In
B2. Roubada
B3. Role De Bike
C1. Supersossego
C2. Arroz Com Feijao
C3. Homesick
D1. It's Doing My Head In
D2. Nao Posso Te Levar A serio (Instrumental)
D3. Oil Is Thicker Than Blood (Instrumental)

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Press Release :
Out of the rich cultural melting-pot of London's underground music scene comes the exciting and original sound of SARAVAH SOUL. This half-Brazilian, half-British outfit, singing in both English and Portuguese, have drawn upon unashamedly old-school flavours to create the new sound of Raw Afro-Brazilian Funk. Their debut album explores the rich and uncharted territory between Afro-Brazilian rhythms and sixties funk syncopations, in the process creating a whole new signature sound.

The opening track, "Oil Is Thicker Than Blood", is a maracatu-funk track, using the Brazilian rhythm of the drum bands from the streets of Recife, featuring the unmistakable, deep sound of the alfaia drum, and it features a flute solo by Jack Yglesias. "Nao Posso Te Levar A Serio" ("Can't Take You Seriously") - which came out on 7″ vinyl in February as the band's debut single - includes Portuguese lyrics telling off a girl for playing hard to get and includes a Trumpet solo by Graeme Flowers who also plays with the James Taylor Quartet.

‘It's Doing My Head In', a Funk/Samba mix shows a heavy work out from the rhythm section, which is matched by multi-lingual Nascarella's raw vocals. The drum break is classic Saravah Soul: laying down sixties style funk drums alongside the samba flavours of howling cuica and the thunder of the tamborim section (tamborim not to be confused with tambourine).

"Arroz com feijao", meaning "Rice and Beans", is based around Afoxé, one of the most African Brazilian rhythms, with a touch of Funk and Afro-Beat. The highly poetic lyrics speak of Art as nourishment for the soul, just as the body is nourished by rice and beans, the classic Brazilian dish. The call and response style singing, also rooted in Africa, is a classic component of Brazilian anthems.

"Funk e Saravah" meaning "Funk and Saravah" (NOT Funky Saravah!) was written spontaneously in the space of a single sound check. The percussion and flute break down is inspired by the mix of African and Indigenous Indian music at the heart of Brazilian culture. "Saravah" is a salutation used in Afro-Brazilian religions which also carries a deep sense of ‘Brazilian-ness'.

"Roubada" is a funk-samba de roda style arrangement which comes from the same family as the music of Capoeira (although it's not the same thing). The lyrics are loaded with Brazilian street slangs as tales of getting ripped off and the impending retribution are sung.

The album kicks back into "Role de Bike", a funk fuelled track mixed with Baião (folk dance music from the state of Bahia, Brazil).The title means "Bike Ride", written after an inspiring trip along the Canal. The outro horn melody is in classic Bahian style.

This leads us on to the sound of Rio Carnival in "Supersossego", an unforgiving, mean dancefloor killer of strip-down raw funk, which explodes unexpectedly into a samba batucada bomb. The smooth instrumental jazz/funk of "Homesick" is the perfect wind-down into the final track of what has been an energetic and passion-fuelled journey through funk and Brazilian beats, ending with the instrumental version of "It's Doing My Head In".

The album beautifully puts across the raw, energetic and fiery passion of Saravah Soul, a true representation of the Brazilian music they pay great tribute to. This passion is greatly portrayed in their live show, which is a definite must see. Saravah Soul regularly grace the stage of Guanabara on Drury Lane, London to stir up a funk frenzy and make bodies move to that unmistakable sound.

The LP release also features exclusive instrumental versions of 'Nao Posso Te Levar A Serio' and 'Oil Is Thicker Than Blood', and includes the full album on CD.

Biography :
Exploding out of the rich cultural mix in the melting-pot of London’s underground music scene comes the half-Brazilian, half-British, Afro-Brazilian Funk sound of Saravah Soul.

Fronted by fiery break dancer Otto Nascarella, the intensity of their live shows has earned them a reputation for wild performances and a rapidly expanding fan base. Now their ground breaking first album (self-titled Saravah Soul) has caused an international stir amongst record labels eager to sign them, and the band seems set on an unstoppable rise to even wider acclaim.

Formed by Otto Nascarella, Saravah Soul was created to showcase a highly addictive style of late 60’s Brazilian soul-funk and samba, to create an exciting and original live flavour. Talented front man, Otto Nascarella, from Curitiba Brazil, combines the showmanship of James Brown with modern breakdance styles, whilst playing guitar and pandeiro; Bass virtuoso Matheus Nova has performed with the likes of Brazilian samba divas Elza Soares and Alcione. Kiris Houston on Keys and guitar has worked with top soul artists incl. Jocelyn Brown and Estelle. Eduardo Marques is one of the most in demand Brazilian drummers in London, and works with top Brazilian artists, such as Ed Motta. Percussionist/flautist Jack Yglesias is legendary on the contemporary funk scene, having played with The Poets of Rhythm, Lee Fields, The Soul Destroyers, Quantic Soul Orchestra and Spanky Wilson. The horn section is led by the sax player Marcelo Andrade, who plays also on Jazzinho (freestyle records).


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