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Ruckus Roboticus - Playing With Scratches

Ruckus Roboticus
Ruckus Roboticus - Playing With Scratches
(CD) Grease Records GR001, 2007-12-03

Info :
One of Ohio's best kept secrets drops his debut artist CD of downtempo and sample driven hip hop tracks. In the vein of AVALANCHES, CUT CHEMIST, RJD2 with samples from the MUPPETS, children's records, and other oddbal sources. A real up and comer.

Tracklisting :
01. Overture
02. The Birth of Ruckus
03. Baby's First Scratch
04. When I Grow Up
05. Never Play With Scratches
06. How To Handle Grown Ups
07. Intermission
08. Here We Go
09. A Child's Introduction to Drums
10. Everlasting Ghettoblasting Gobstopper
11. Taking Turns
12. Bedtime For Sleepyhead
13. Face The Music
14. The Rebirth of Ruckus
15. (Untitled)

Links :

Press Release :
"Ridiculously good" - Strictly Kev (Ninja Tune)
"Holy shit! Very impressive!" - Steinski
"Having already given us one of the best guest mixes ever to appear on Solid Steel, Ruckus Roboticus now delivers an album showcasing his equally good skills as a producer." - DK (Solid Steel Radio / Ninja Tune)
"this is sick. F**king brilliant."- Ursula 1000

The long-awaited, debut album -- Playing With Scratches is a creative and complex mixture of beats, scratching, and story-telling. Created entirely from found sounds, this semi-autobiographical tale playfully chronicles the childhood of Ruckus Roboticus; from "The Birth of Ruckus", to his discovery of scratching on his See-N-Say toy ("Baby's First Scratch"), to his declaration of what he wants to be when he grows up ("When I Grow Up"). Things take a turn for the worse when his parents find out about the shenanigans taking place in the playroom, and command him to "Never Play With Scratches". In the end, Ruckus must "Face the Music", and decide whether to give-in to the pressures of the grown up world, or reject the grown up establishment by continuing to "Play With Scratches".

The Ruckus Roboticus Bio :
Born from the industrial powers of Dayton, Ohio, Ruckus Roboticus has risen to unleash his fury of funk, hip-hop and mischief. Part turntable, half drum machine, all sex machine; the robotic wonder has continually electrified listeners with his colorful and imaginative world of sound.

When he's not busy remixing Bloc Party, or winning awards from Rockstar Games (Best DJ Mix 2003), Solid Steel (Best Mix 2003), and Scion (Free-Up-Your-Mix Finalist 2005), this bot can be found tearing the roof of your local dancehall, art gallery, fashion show, and house party with a fierce live-set. His sharp skills and diverse selection have landed him countless shows across country. Perhaps you've caught him on stage with RJD2, The Juan Maclean, Prince Paul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Cosmo Baker, DJ Ayers, DJ Premiere, or Mr. Lif. Or, maybe you have unknowingly bobbed your head to his beats featured on Nickelodeon, MTV, the Disney Channel, Numark and LOGO TV. It's no wonder some people call him "the second hardest working man in show business."

Now Ruckus aims his rockets at the CD drives and iPods of the world , with his long-awaited debut album, "Playing with Scratches" (Grease, 2007). Created entirely from found sounds, the album tells the semi-autobiographical story of a boy coming into his own. Overwhelmed by the pressures from the grown-up establishment, the boy escapes reality in his mutated children's records, inevitably having to decide whether to conform to the adult world or continue to rebel against the establishment.

Following in the long tradition of experimental and engaging music, "Playing with Scratches" is genre-less, blending story and sound with unprecedented liveliness. Critics cheer, dancers sweat, and legends applaud. The little-bot has grown up, and is stomping through the streets. It's only a matter of time until the city dwellers realize -- this is the dawning of the Age of Roboticus.

Jospeh Dematteo (Nov. 2007)

Upcoming Releases :
Bloc Party - "Hunting For Witches" Remix
Playing With Scratches - INSTRUMENTALS
Playing With Scratches - REMIXES
Ruckus Roboticus - LESSON 7: What's Funk? (12")
Ruckus Roboticus - The Music Machine (Mix CD)
And more remixes, and dance jams in the works...

Discography :
Playing With Scratches - DEBUT ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW!
Music Therapy Vol. 2 (Mix CD) - out of print
Audio Obstacle Course (Scratch Record) - Included with Numark's X2 Hybrid Turntable
Dance Or Die's Greatest Hits (Mix CD) - out of print
The Record Playa' (Mix CD) - Copies available at
Tales From The Crate Vol. 2 (Scratch Record) - out of print
Tales From The Crate Vol. 1 (Scratch Record) - out of print


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