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Roy Budd - Get Carter (Main Theme - The Bobby Hughes Experience Mix) / on Vigilante! - Roy Budd Cult Film Soundtracks 1971-1977

Roy Budd Cult Film Soundtracks
Various - Vigilante! - Roy Budd Cult Film Soundtracks 1971-1977
(CD/2xLP) Discotheque/Sanctuary Records DQFCD003/DQFDV003, 2004-03-15

01. Roy Budd - Get Carter - Main Theme - The Bobby Hughes Experience Mix
02. Dialogue from "Get Carter" - You're A Big Man But You're In Bad Shape
03. Roy Budd - M15 (from "Foxbat")
04. Roy Budd - Black Is Beautiful (from "The Stone Killer")
05. Roy Budd - Mr. Easy (from "The Intercine Project")
06. Roy Budd - Jazz It Up - The Mitchell & Dewbury Mix (from "Marseille Contract")
07. Roy Budd - Love Is A Four Letter Word (from "Get Carter")
08. Roy Budd - Diamond Fortress - Karminsky Experience Mix (from "Diamonds")
09. Dialogue from "Get Carter" - Suppose I Phone The Police...
10. Roy Budd - Hanky Panky (from "Tomorrow Never Comes")
11. Roy Budd - Beauty & The Bass (edit) (from "Diamonds")
12. Roy Budd - M17 (from "Foxbat")
13. Dialogue from "Fear Is The Key" - You're A Cop, Ex-Cop*
14. Roy Budd - Diamonds (from "The Black Windmill")
15. Roy Budd - The Girl In The Car (from "Get Carter")
16. Roy Budd - Jazz Source (from "The Stone Killer")
17. Roy Budd - Livin' Should Be This Way (from "Get Carter")*
18. Dialogue from "Tomorrow Never Comes" - It's All Rotten
19. Roy Budd - Free Tarrant (from "The Black Windmill")
20. Roy Budd - Theme M8 (from "The Marseille Contract")*
21. Roy Budd - Hallucinations (edit) (from "Get Carter")
* CD only

Info :
A superb compilation featuring the coolest tracks from a selection of Roy Budd action/thriller soundtracks 1971-1977.
Put together with an emphasis on Budd's musical relevance to todays dance/jazz/electronic/chilled beats scenes it really is a fine collection of tracks. A few of the tunes undergo remixes from contemporary artists such as The Karminsky Experience, Norway's Espen Horne (AKA The Bobby Hughes Experience) and Brighton, UK's Mitchell & Dewbury! If we'd put together a comp of Budds jazzy work then it would be like this one. Pretty damn essential.
Cool 8 page booklet containing detailed biography of Roy Budd. The CD contains 2 extra music tracks and 1 dialogue track.


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