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Roots Manuva - Awfully De/EP

roots manuva awfully de EP
Roots Manuva - Awfully De/EP
(12"/CDS) Big Dada BD083/BDCDS083, 2005-10-24

Info :
En février 2006 doit sortir un album de Roots Manuva intitulé "Alternately Deep". à priori, on peut penser qu'il s'agira d'une compile des divers singles sortis suite à ce qui sera un des albums hip hop de 2005, "Awfully Deep". Ou bien une réédition du dit album avec un bonus CD compilant les inédits des dits singles, à savoir "Double Drat", sorti uniquement en download payant, "Too Cold", "Colossal Insight" et ce "Awfully Re/EP".
Bref, on se dit quand même que les titres de cet EP, presque tous exclusifs, seront probablement disponibles à nouveau et à moindre prix en début d'année prochaine. La question que l'on se pose alors est la suivante: ce "Awfully Re/EP" est-il vraiment indispensable pour les fêtes de fin d'année?
La version piano/live/cordes ("Lambeth Blues") de "Awfully Deep" avec Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) et le groupe de scène de Roots Manuva (The Manuvadelics) fera couler de l'encre, pour des raisons évidentes de marketing, alors qu'on dirait presque une production de rap français. Et ce n'est pas un compliment. Autant zapper cette collaboration rapidement, même si elle n'aura pas été complètement infructeuse (artistiquement parlant) grâce à sa version remixée, signée Metronomy, tout en retenue funk 80's. Anachroniquement très sympatique, elle donnerait même envie de ressortir ses fûtals trop larges certifiés d'époque. Venons-en donc aux faits, et à ce nouveau track, "Seat Yourself", featuring Ricky Ranking, proposé dans sa version originale, un bombardement electro boom bass dans une ambiance bien dark façon Amon Tobin, ou en version remixée, par Diplo, un peu de n'importe quoi electro-rigolo. Voilà de l'indispensable immédiat qui a intérêt à être présent sur la compile de février ou je ne m'y connais pas!
Enfin, pour conclure le maxi, on trouve une version edit/radio de "Awfully Deep", qui permet de se rappeler que le morceau de l'album est quand même une bonne petite bombe, à l'origine, et qui permet aussi de conclure que cet EP sera avant tout à réserver aux collectionneurs et aux fans impatients.

roots manuva awfully de EP
Roots Manuva - Awfully De/EP
(12"/CDS) Big Dada BD083/BDCDS083, 2005-10-24

Tracklisting 12":
01 Seat Yourself (Original)
02 Seat Yourself (Diplo Remix)
03 Seat Yourself (Instumental)
04 Awfully Deep (Lambeth Blues)
05 Awfully Deep (Lambeth Blues Metronomy Remix)
06 Original Album Version

Tracklisting CDS :
01 Seat Yourself (Original)
02 Awfully Deep (Lambeth Blues)
03 Awfully Deep (Lambeth Blues Metronomy Remix)
04 Seat Yourself (Diplo Remix)
05 Awfully Deep (Album Edit) Awfully Deep Original Album Version

Press Release :
"It's the R O D, the N E Y, that's that bloke, that geez, that guy."

Roderick Manuva returns with a blood ‘n' thunder EP inspired by but not totally in thrall to the magnificent "Awfully Deep" album, now MOBO-nominated and generally agreed to have been a very surprising omission from the Mercury shortlist.

Awfully De/EP kicks off with a brand new track, "Seat Yourself," a Manuva produced, crazed banger of a beat, the kind of off-kilter madness that works as soon as you hear it and then works even more with every repeat listen. Over it, Manuva and Ricky Ranking splatter lyrics of complete defiance, some anger and not a little humour. It's a blinder.

Labelmate Diplo - fresh from production work for Kano and M.I.A. and a remix for Gwen Stefani - leaps into the fray and transforms the tune into a squelchy stomper with his trademark booming timpani kicks...

Now flip over. "Awfully Deep (Lambeth Blues)" is a live-in-the-studio re-work of the title track of the LP. After a successful UK tour ended at a sold out Brixton Academy, Rodney decided that he wanted to make a version of some of the album's tunes with his live band. To help out in the studio (his experience with live musicians in a studio set-up being somewhat limited) he drafted in Damon Albarn, the pair having formed a mutual appreciation society after Manuva's guest slot on the Gorillaz album. Having tried out a couple of thrashed out punk versions of the tune, Albarn sat down at the piano and started pumping out some wonky Clayderman, the band fell in with him and this marvellously downbeat, deadpan re-work was born.

But before the mood becomes too, too deep, check out the Metronomy remix. Joseph Mount is apparently an ex-rock drummer now living in Brighton. Who cares? The truth is he has turned in the funniest, funkiest slice of eighties-style lofi white boy soul you'll have heard since Paul Morley was chucked out of Hall & Oates (he was, wasn't he?) . It's silly but in a kind of sublime way.

And to round off, the original tune in all its headcase glory. Still about as raw, heartfelt and emotional as anything you'll hear this year. It's the Awfully Deep EP. Get to the bottom of it.


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