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Roam & Urth - From City to City

Roam and Urth From City to CityRoam and Urth From City to City
Roam & Urth - From City to City
(Mix CD) OBEY Records / Elsewhere Studios, 2007-03

Roam and Urth From City to City
Roam & Urth - From City to City
(Mix CD) OBEY Records / Elsewhere Studios, 2007-03

Artwork by OBEY. Mix CD with 12" sleeve with CD placed in centre. Contains 3 mixes in all, no detail tracklist given. Limited Edition, 300 signed (by OBEY) copies only.

Mix CD Tracklisting:
01. Creep or Sleep?
02. It All Rules!
03. That's Gooooood!

Roam and Urth From City to City

Info :
Yessiree' these are limited edition mock up 12" CD versions of the Obey "city to city" mix CD by Roam & Urth! there were only 300 made, all signed and numbered from the Giant himself!

"While the dope artwork on the CD might just make your day, poppin this baby in your CD player will surely further increase that warm fuzzy feeling. This audio journey travels through all sorts of genres including downtempo, hip-hop, jazz, rock, soul, funk, punk, and much much more, and it also includes some incredible original beats too." - digital gravel

"This thing is so dense with good stuff, you'll seriously be listening to it for awhile before you are fully able to grasp it." - turntable lab


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whalekiller whalekiller ·  07 September 2010, 13:18

i gots one

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