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Public Enemy - How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul

Public Enemy How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul
Public Enemy - How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul
(CD/DVD) Slam Jamz Recordings SJR1015CV, 2007-08 (USA), 2008-02-04 (France)

Tracklisting CD1 :
01. How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul
02. Black Is Back
03. Harder Than You Think
04. Between Hard And A Rock Place
05. Sex, Drugs & Violence (feat. KRS-One)
06. Amerikan Gangster (feat. E.Infinite)
07. Can You Hear Me Now
08. Head Wide Shut
09. Flavor Man
10. The Enemy Battle Hymn Of The Public
11. Escapism
12. Frankenstar
13. Col-Leepin
14. Radiation Of A RADIOTVMOVIE Nation
15. See Something, Say Something
16. Long And Whining Road
17. Bridge Of Pain
18. Eve Of Destruction
19. How You Sell Soul (Time Is God Refrain)

Tracklisting DVD :
01. Where There's Smoke (documentary)
02. PE20 Tour58 (Power Energy Planet Earth Public Enemy) (live)
03. Live @ BB King's (footage)
04. Story Of The Public Enemy Comic Book (documentary)
05. Do You Wanna Go Our Way (video)
06. Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need (video)
07. Revolverlution (video)
08. Son Of A Bush (video)
09. Bring That Beat Back (video)
10. Revolution (video)
11. Superman's Black In The Building (video)
12. Hot 1 (video)
13. Unga Bunga Bunga (video)
14. Who's Your Hero (video)
15. Air Conditioning (video)
16. Electric Slave (video)

Links :

Info (french) :
Pour fêter ses 20 ans d'existence, le plus grand groupe de rap du monde nous présente un tout nouvel album de 19 titres dont des reprises de classiques comme "Eve Of Destruction" (Barry Mc Guire) "Long And Whining Road" (Bob Dylan) ou "Black Is Back" (Run DMC) revus a la sauce Public Enemy Cet album est agrémenté d'un dvd comprenant des shows du groupe sur scène ainsi que des vidéos-clips inédits.

Info (english) :
Public Enemy's been pioneers in combining verbal acumen with technological advances, performance artistry and theatricality, thematic integrity and artistic control. In an era where mega-national corporations dominate the marketplace and many rappers prefer being popular to being relevant, Public Enemy remain vibrant and topical. They've also forged and maintained a creative legacy that has a timeless quality, yet gives listeners intricate and compelling slices of life from the various eras in which these songs were conceived. They are not entertainers or performers but scribes and commentators providing insight and information through rhymes and music that has uplifted and still inspires legions of fans.


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