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Pop Levi - Sugar Assault Me Now

Pop Levi Sugar Assault Me Now
Pop Levi - Sugar Assault Me Now
(7"/10"/CD) Counter COUNT002 / COUNTCD002, 2007-01-29

Tracklisting CDS :
01. Sugar Assault Me Now (Part 1)
02. Sugar Assault Me Now (Part 2)
03. Blue Honey (Hollywood Version)

Tracklisting 10" :
A1. Sugar Assault Me Now (Power Mix)
B1. Blue Honey (Hollywood Version)
B2. From The Day That You Were Born (Hollywood Version)

Tracklisting 7" :
A1. Sugar Assault Me Now (Part 2)
B1. Cyan Moan (Echo Park Version)

CDS Artwork:

7" Artwork:

10" Artwork:

Promo CD artwork :
Pop Levi Sugar Assault Me NowPop Levi Sugar Assault Me NowPop Levi Sugar Assault Me Now

Press Release :
What is great pop music? Something that when you hear it sounds utterly alien and yet utterly familiar, something which lodges in your head in such a way that it feels like it's been there all along, a false memory syndrome of rhythm and harmony, a perfect recollection of the best sex you never had.

Ladies and gents, please welcome Pop Levi. If you're not familiar with him yet you soon will be. A Prince-sized pixie channelling Bolan and Hendrix, an wide-eyed John Lennon with an interest in magick and androgyny, the man could have few better calling cards than "Sugar Assault Me Now," a surreal and utterly heartfelt plea for some sweet, sweet loving.

Opening up with rolling drums and hand claps before a filthy fuzz-bass riff is joined by Blueberry Hill-rhythmed guitar, Pop Levi takes this as a jump off point for him to yelp, bark and falsettoise his plea for some seriously sticky skin-on-skin action. Check the extended version for a tune that promises to be a smash on indy rock dancefloors, where we fully expect emo-boys to be found humping the furniture and each other's legs and turning up the following week in a nice sparkly blouse they just picked up at Top Shop.

When you've cleaned up your bodily fluids, check out B side "Cyan Moan," where Levi delineates the links between bluegrass and psychedelic whimsy on this utterly beautiful, wide-eyed nursery rhyme. Throw in alternate versions of "Sugar Assault Me Now" and previous EP lead track, "Blue Honey" and "From The Day That You Were Born" and you have a larder full of finest quality high-calory snacks.

If this leaves you cold, you should consider becoming a monk. Otherwise, invite your favourite astral fuckpals round and get busy

The album "The Return To Form Black Magick Party" is out early 2007.


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