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Pop Levi - Pick Me Up Uppercut

Pop Levi Pick Me Up Uppercut
Pop Levi - Pick Me Up Uppercut
(promo CD/7") Counter Records COUNT005, 2007-04-16

Tracklisting promo CD :
01. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Radio Mix)
02. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Hollywood Version)
03. Skip Ghetto (Hollywood Version)
04. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Album version)
05. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Radio Instrumental)

Tracklisting 7" :
A1. Pick-Me-Up Uppercut (Hollywood Version)
B1. Skip Ghetto (Hollywood Version)

7" Artwork:

Promo CD Artwork:

Press Release :
"Leader of the Pack" - The Shangri-Las
"Hey Ya" - Outkast/Andre 3000
"Teenage Kicks" - The Undertones
"1999" - Prince
"Jump" - Van Halen

It's not every day you come across a tune that can bear comparison with any of the above records, let alone all of them at once, but maybe today's the day. Prepare yourself for "Pick Me Up Uppercut," where sometime scryer, Astral musician, occasional Liverpudlian and full time LA resident, Pop Levi takes us up on to the pop high ground, keeps us there for a classical three and half minutes and then leaves us to reach across to the cd player and skip back to the start all over again. Perhaps the most throw-away, pure bubblegum moment on his critically acclaimed album, "Return To Form Black Magick Party," its exactly that quality which makes "Pick Me Up Uppercut" so essential.

"Pick Me Up Uppercut" is, in effect, the tale of a boy who wants a girl, the girl who will shag the boy until he runs out of steam and then go and "find herself another man" and, hence, the boy's desperate attempts to keep on going until dawn and beyond. But Mr Levi turns this simple idea into a lascivious, bumping boogie packed with synth guitar squelches, frugging bass, booming drums and outrageous vocal stylings. And, in its sheer outlandishness, its refusal to conform, its attempt to pack as many hooks into its short life as it can, "Pick Me UpS" becomes one of those records that transcends itself and becomes something close to great - a pop record, a stupid moment of pure fun and impulsive compulsion that, we hope, you're going to want to come back to again and again. Washing the car, getting ready for an evening out, dancing on the tables at two in the morning, having sex, cleaning the bathroom, playing drinking games, nude lawnmowing - for these activities and the rest of your life, you've just found the perfect soundtrack.


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