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Pigeon John - Featuring Pigeon John 2

Pigeon John Featuring Pigeon John 2
Pigeon John - Featuring Pigeon John 2
(CD) The Telephone Company, 2007-10-14

Info :
Featuring Pigeon John 2 is part 2 of Featuring Pigeon John 1. The mixtape features rare and exclusive tracks by Pigeon John from 2003 until now.

Tracklisting :
01. No More Greener Grass (feat. The Grouch and Eligh) / 2003
02. Open Bar (feat. Grits) / 2006
03. Side to Side (feat. Blackalicious and Lateef the Truthspeaker) / 2006
04. Granite Earth (feat. Opio of Souls of Mischeif) / 2005
05. Wonderful (feat. LA Symphony and Great Jason) / 2003
06. Shallow (feat. Othello) / 2007
07. It Won't Last (feat. Braille and Othello) / 2005
08. Kinetic Alphabetics (feat. Brainwash Projects) / 1995
09. Money (feat. Mr. J Medeiros of the Procussions) / 2007
10. U Rockin' (feat. 4th Avenue Jones and Akil of Jurassic 5)
11. Something Bells (feat. Daedelus and Busdriver)
12. Wow (feat. Kiz Charismatic) / 2007
13. If You Let It (feat. WildChild, P.E.A.C.E., Bicasso and Dashiel) / 2007
14. I'm Just Raw (feat. Lyrics Born and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien) / 2006
15. Stompin' (feat. Apsci)
16. Never Fold (feat. Acid Reign and Express) / 2006

Links :
Pigeon John & The Summerpool Party

Press Release : "For real this time! Sorry about the confusion, I just wanted the mixtape to come out perfect! It has 16 rare and some unreleased songs that I've done with me friends ranging for Brainwash Projects demos from 1996 to "Side To Side" with Blackalicious to up now listen to on my myspace page. The packing is designed by Ohmega Watts and all 1000 copies will be numbered and signed by myself....EXCLUSIVELY sold at and PJ shows....ONLY! So be sure to preorder your cds now before the first 1k sells out!!!!" (Pigeon John on MySpace)


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