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Pest - Slap on Tap

Pest Slap On Tap
Pest - Slap on Tap
(7" ltd) Ninja Tune ZEN7109, 2001-12-03

Info :
Pour célèbrer la sortie de l'album "Necessary measures" (le 10 Mars), Ninja Tune vous proposent tout simplement de télécharger la face A du premier 45 tours de Pest, peu après vous avoir offert la face A du EP qui était sorti juste après, "Jefferson Shuffle". Vous imaginez, vous, une major qui donnerait les deux premiers singles d'un album à paraître, gratuitement, à télécharger? C'est tellement inconcevable et impossible que les Ninja Tune le font, eux! Et on les comprend: ce n'est pas facile de décrire l'univers musical loufoque de ces dingues de Pest. Ce track-là, "Slap on tap" est lui aussi furieusement barré, mais plutôt absurdo-dancefloor punk funk cartoon acid-jazz, pour situer la tendance...
Note : 4/5

Tracklisting :
01. Slap on Tap | Download mp3
02. Hlazy

7" Artwork:

Note: Limited 7" single at 400, all numbered on back sleeve. The excellent track 'Hlazy' on B side only at this release.
Press release :
Take five young men based in South East London, feed them on a diet of fry-ups, weed, Ornette Coleman and UK garage, make them work in a café together, deny them contact with polite society and what do you get? Something like 'Slap On Tap' - a much-madness dance-floor killer (and you can take that how you like).

Bursting forth from the very heart of London's shadowy Spyna Workshop, Ninja's latest signing, Pest, sculpt tiny scraps of this and that into a kind of Outsider Art which is nevertheless still funny and (just about) understandable - like listening to musical Tourettes, only fuinkier.

Coming through with some of the freshest music you've heard since the likes of Squarepusher were just bubbling onto the scene, this is just a tidy little taster of the full-blown delights to come next year. A proper band who put most "live" dance acts to shame, these boys will be spreading their pestilence across the country and the world all too soon. Hahahahaha! Evil cackles! Wiping of spittle from chin! They have no idea of the harm they can cause!


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