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Pepe Deluxé - Spare Time Machine

Pepe Deluxe Spare Time Machine
Pepe Deluxé - Spare Time Machine
(CD) Catskills RID017, 2007-06-25

Tracklisting :
01. Mischief Of Cloud Six
02. Ms Wilhelmina And Her Hat
03. Go For Blue
04. Last Of The Great Explorers
05. Pussy Cat Rock
06. Apple Thief
07. Lucky The Blind Vs Vacuum Cleaning Monster
08. Captain Carter's Fathoms
09. Forgotten Knights Prelude
10. Forgotten Knights

Links :

FREE PEPE DELUXE ALBUM! Pepe Deluxe are back and the world is instantly a crazier, brighter place to be again! To whet your appetite for the release of their highly-anticipated new album 'Spare Time Machine' (released on Catskills Records June 25th), for a limited time you can download their critically acclaimed second album COMPLETELY FREE! Yes FREE! Where's the catch? There isn't one. Just download the album and enjoy! All you have to do is click the link below to the Pepe Deluxe website below and you'll be taken through to AOL who are working with us on this to promote the new album. All you have to do is download the album from there for FREE! Yes FREE! Tell your friends! Forward to as MANY people as you like! Yes, we know we're too kind!

Press Release :
The first new studio album from Finland's Pepe Deluxé since 2003 is finally here to assault your ears with astonishing sounds and music you've never heard before. A tripped-out, psychedelic masterpiece!

Anyone who owns any of Finland's musical innovators Pepe Deluxé's music, knows that every new album is an event worth waiting for, and an experience to savour. It's been 4 long years since their last studio opus 'Beatitude,' a free-wheeling, genre-hopping sonic assault of styles. So, start up the 'Spare Time Machine' and set the controls for the heart of a bold new musical frontier! The story of Pepe Deluxe is as simple as the music is multifaceted. Kicked into existence in the mid-'90s by Finnish turntablist DJ Slow and his associate JA-Jazz (AKA Tomi Paajaanen), their early underground hip hop adventures achieved a unique individuality when third member James Spectrum joined.

With 'Spare Time Machine' they come close to achieving this nigh-on-impossible goal but that still doesn't explain where the album's bizarre title came from. "It's started as 'Spare Time Bottling Machine'," laughs James Spectrum, "but it got shortened. I had the original idea when I realized the only thing that I don't really have is spare time. I figured what we need is a machine that brews spare time for you to enjoy when you need it the most. Then, during a recent trip to New York I suddenly realized we actually do already have that elixir of spare time - good music that takes you to other times and places."

A heady cocktail indeed but music lovers of 2007 would be wise to drink deeply of Pepe Deluxe's latest recipe.

The first single to be lifted off SPARE TIME MACHINE is "The Mischeif Of Cloud 6'

"... is rammed with 60's influences, including first & foremost the classic musical "Sweet Charity", with the odd psychedelic wig out thrown in for good measure, and a toothpaste smile lead vocal, all cleverly put together over fast & funky percussive rhythms. The Rich Man's Frug at The Pompeii Club starts here. 4 **** " (Reviewed by Dean Thatcher in Update mag 9/5/07) The follow up single is sucker punch madness "Pussy Cat Rock" which will be supported by an equally massive video (check the video at: 'SPARE TIME MACHINE' is a heady cocktail indeed but music lovers of 2007 would be wise to drink deeply of Pepe Deluxe's latest recipe.Triple J have already added 'GO FOR BLUE'


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