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Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag Of Goodies Vol.2

paris djs soul soundsystem bag of goodies vol 2
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Bag Of Goodies Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC128, 2007-02-13

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Tracklisting :
01. Brother Ali - Truth Is
(from 'Truth Is' 12 inch, 2006 / Rhymesayers)
02. Red Astaire - Move Yo Ass
(from 'Move Yo Ass' 12 inch, 2006 / Homegrown)
03. Dr Rubberfunk - Riding With The Ratman
(from 'My Life At 33' CD, 2006 / GPS Stereo Recordings)
04. Pigeon John - Freaks! Freaks!
(from 'Pigeon John & The Summertime Pool Party' CD, 2006 / Quannum Projects)
05. Channel Two - The Beat Is (feat. Black Shakespeare)
(from 'Artful Time Reduction' CD, 2006 / Kajmere Sound)
06. US3 - Much 2 Much
(from 'Schizophonic' CD, 2006 / self-released)
07. Swollen Members - Too Hot (Feat. DJ Babu)
(from 'Too Hot' 12 inch, 2006 / Battle Axe)
08. Belleruche - Northern Girls
(from 'Four Songs EP' double 7 inch, 2006 / Hippoflex)
09. Speech Defect - Hang Up's Remix (feat. Abdominal)
(from 'Superfuture' limited edition japan only 12", 2006 / Handcuts Japan)
10. Jumbonics - Red One
(from 'Talk To The Animals' CD, 2007 / Tru Thoughts)
11. Mocky - In The Meantime (feat. Jamie Lidell)
(from 'Navy Brown Blues' CD, 2006 / Four Music)
12. The Sound Providers - 5 Minutes feat. The Procussions
(from 'An Evening With The Sound Providers' CD, 2004 / ABB Records )

Original record covers :
Brother AliRed AstaireDr RubberfunkPigeon JohnChannel TwoUS3Swollen Membersspeech defectJumbonicsMockythe sound providers

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Credits :
Selection, design & reviews by Djouls (
Photo by Loik (
Mixing and audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

Brother Ali
01. Brother Ali - Truth Is
(from 'Truth Is' 12 inch, 2006-01-09 / Rhymesayers)

Brother Ali was my hip hop discovery of 2004, with the "Champion" EP and the "Shadows In the Sun" album from the previous year (check my review in french). A perfect combination of brilliant production by Ant (from Atmosphere) and flowing stories by the albinos rapper.

Last year when I heard the roofblower "Original King", freely offered for download on various websites, I started hunting for information on a new album ("The Undisputed Truth", out April 10th), in order to get myself a new nicely sounding piece of wax and be able to play it on parisdjs.... and I stumbled upon this upcoming single (released earlier this january), available for download on Brother Ali's myspace page (for example).

So my upcoming bomb was in fact "just" an exclusive b-side! "What's the story there???", was I asking myself when I started my mp3 player with "Truth Is"... Bing! bang! badaboum! "but this one's even better!!!" "gimme more gimme more I want more!!". That's just a real bomb. In'yo face hip hop anthem for the masses.

On January 9, 2007 the 12 inch was released with both tracks and a third one, "Freedom Ain't Free", more of the late-night home-affairs kind. I called my hip hop store to reserve my copy.

Complete info and links on

Red Astaire
02. Red Astaire - Move Yo Ass
(from 'Move Yo Ass' 12 inch, 2006-12-18 / Homegrown Records Sweden HOMEGROWN005)

It's official, I'm now a big fan of Freddie Cruger a.k.a. Red Astaire's blending of styles with a hip hop spirit.

We played him at least twice already on the Paris DJs podcast of mixes, and published a rather comprehensive discography on

Last december he released a new promo EP on his own Homegrown label, under the Red Astaire moniker, of 5 not-that-good latin/downtempo/hip hop tracks. That is, "not that good" if you just play the mp3s you downloaded as such, as opposed to how you can "play" with them on a turntable...

Thanks to the Captain's Crate hint to play the title track at +6, I managed to be able to check the vinyl 12 inch, before eventually buying. All tracks could be played at various speeds for an optimized latin & breakbeats dancefloor deejaying pleasure: in the Paris DJs Soundsystem bag right away. [the version played in this mix is at +6 of course!!]

Complete info and links on

Dr Rubberfunk
03. Dr Rubberfunk - Riding With The Ratman
(from 'My Life At 33' CD, 2006-10-02 / GPS Stereo Recordings GPSCD02/GPSLP02)

After hearing a bunch captivating mixes and remixes circulating on the web, I ended selecting the second Dr rubberfunk album in my list of "Records I Missed" in 2006, the Dr himself stumbled upon it, contacted me and mercyfully sent me a CD so that I might die an idiot.

Moreover, I now had a colorful selection of funk, soul, jazz, gospel, hip hop and/or latin tracks to play on our "rare grooves and new rare grooves" paris djs podcast! The latin-funk & jazz guitar coolness of "Baby Bossa" might for example soon appear into a new "21st Century Latin" Molesting Laura selection...

Meanwhile check out "Riding With The Ratman", a 21st century blaxploitation number we've picked up for tasting on a Paris DJs mix ("Bag Of Goodies vol.2"). We could only fit the first part of the track in there (30mn mixes!), which gets even grittier and heavier in the part we had to cut, but anyway, it's already well worth the ride. I think the track was released on a 7 inch, if that's the case then it's an instant "in the bag" one, so 45 DJs don't hesitate.

Of course it's now a bit late to announce that the British deep funk scene is alive and kicking but Dr Rubberfunk did add a new stone to this soul-spirited scene, a smokey and kaleidoscopic one for all you heavy blunters out there.

Complete info and links on

Pigeon John
04. Pigeon John - Freaks! Freaks!
(from 'Pigeon John & The Summertime Pool Party' CD/LP, 2006-09-12 / Quannum Projects QP066)

THAT's what I call an album!! After missing a series of albums due to lack of time and money, "Pigeon John Is Clueless" (2002), "Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister" (2003) and "Pigeon John Sings The Blues" (2005), I finally tried the new one with the smily yellow cover, the one saying "buy me I'm cool" graphically, the one called "Pigeon John & The Summertime Pool Party"...

That was a good move.

This is fresh classic hip hop, in the vein of the Gnarls Barkley album with an added californian flavor to balance the lack of singing prowess only Cee-Lo can perform.

This is West Coast Outkast music, smashing hip hop with the Beatles ("Weight Of The World", "As We Know It"), De La Soul-styled humor and Harry Belafonte melodies ("Lost My Job Again") with party anthems like the huge "Freaks Freaks" or the swinging "Higher", upbeat pop ("Brand New Day") with hip hop nostalgia ("Growin' Old")...

One of the hip hop albums of 2006 for all the b-boys and b-girls. (check my list).

Complete info on

Channel Two
05. Channel Two - The Beat Is (feat. Black Shakespeare)
(from 'Artful Time Reduction' CD, 2006-10-24 / Kajmere Sound KAJ-023)

Channel Two consists in the collaboration of German singer/producer Andreas Bingel with former Black Eyed Peas drummer Terence Yoshiaki (from L.A.), and a vast array of guests.
The 12 inch promoting their "Artful Time Reduction" album released on the rising Kajmere Sound Recordings label contains only a selection of tracks from the CD. It's already a classy collection of original and forward-thinking hip hop/soul, but the real deal is clearly the album, a masterpiece of sunshine head-nodding club-soul business.

Complete info and links on

06. US3 - Much 2 Much
(from 'Schizophonic' CD, 2006-06-05 / self-released US3CD002)

The fifth US3 album from last summer was really one of the best and unexpected old school surprises fo the year. Some may remember a passé "jazz hip hop" label sticking to the band, but they hired two new rappers found at New York's legendary underground hangout the Nuyorican Poets Café toured for months and released a new perfect combination of live jazz with rap, poetry, hip hop and nuyorican latin beats.

Listening to it takes us way back to the beginning of the 90s, De La Soul and the flower-power hip hop era, with some latin Brazilian samba numbers thrown into the mix, when the live band with piano, guitar, trumpet, double bass, saxophone and turntables is not kicking like it's 1964 over jazzy hip hop beats.

If concerned, be advised that the vinyl 12 inch selects the best and most upbeat tracks of the album so don't wait for an eventual complete vinyl album...

Complete info and links on

Swollen Members
07. Swollen Members - Too Hot (Feat. DJ Babu)
(from 'Too Hot' 12 inch, 2006-08-26 / Battle Axe BATA2281)

The Swollen Members hit the spot with their "Too Hot", an hommage to their contemporaries Jurassic 5's incredible "Red Hot" single with The Breakestra.

Both songs make good use of the supa-funky sample from The Dap-Kings (extracted from their "Nervous Like Me" track), resulting here in a supa-funky hip hop for cold dancefloors fillings track (produced by Rod The Viking), featuring DJ Babu on turntables (from Beat Junkies and Dilated Peoples fame). B-side "Weight" feat. Ghostface Killah & The Alchemist, produced by the latter is anecdotic, though, with its irritant classical sample.
Thankfully you also got an instrumental version of "Too Hot"...

Complete info and links on

08. Belleruche - Northern Girls
(from 'Four Songs EP' double 7 inch, 2006-12-16 / Hippoflex HF003)

Belleruche is the latest band signed to UK leading label Tru Thoughts. As soon as the deal was announced, previous efforts of the group popped up instantly on all specialized p2p services, prooving the major and global interest generated by the Brighton label...

Belleruche is a scratch dj (Modest), a singer (Kathrin de Boer), and guitarist (Ricky Fabulous). They call their shit "turntable soul music". They've already released two other auto-produced collector singles, and a few tracks and remixes here and there, and their latest effort is their best yet.

It's a double 7 inch with an obsessive hip hop ballad ("Northern Lights"), a swinging brassy breakbeat march ("Minor Swing"), a heavy soul number ("Bump") and a tiny bit Kid-Koala-dified acoustic pop/folk song ("Balance")! Tasty, ain't it? The sound is a bit lo-fi but we can only have high hopes for their next release on Tru Thoughts...

Complete info and discography on

speech defect
09. Speech Defect - Hang Up's Remix (feat. Abdominal)
(from 'Killin' Da Wack Shit' limited edition japan only 12", 2006 / No Cool Music/Handcuts Japan)

In the vein of Ugly Duckling or People Under The Stairs class of new old school sunshine party hip hop comes Speech Defect, a trio of MCs (Mr Linus, Thage and Boogie B) and a DJ (DJ Prao-D) from Sweden. Their new album is out on Hancuts Records in Japan and they's looking for a distribution deal in Europe.

I got my hands on his new 12 inch, a limited thing for Japan only, with two new tracks, instrumentals and a remix. The opener "Superfuture" is supposed to be the red hot hip hop/funk hybrid tearing the roof off, according to the few press reviews available, but in my humble opinion "Hang Up's feat. Abdominal" is the shit here.

Starting with a slowed-down Marlena Shaw sample, the same one St Germain used repeadtly on his "Rose Rouge" track, "Hang Up's" is a driving funk'n'breakbeats piece... but it's remixed version is even better! Adding heavy-soul energy horn riffs to the original it's taking it into stepping hit-single territory, close to some of the best Beck mashed-up singles.

One of the best hip hop things I've heard recently, it comes from Sweden and is only distributed in Japan. Be aware.

Complete info and links on

10. Jumbonics - Red One
(from 'Talk To The Animals' CD/2xLP, 2007 / Tru Thoughts)

Review :
I must admit I passed on the first Jumbonics album, "Super Baxophone". Maybe there was just two much stuff released during summer 2005, or maybe I wasn't in the right mood, but I only gave it a quick listen and didn't feel it much... Maybe I was just plain wrong and maybe I oughta check it again cos' their second album is a real grower which I've been coming back too repeatedly during the last weeks.

As with their previous effort, the first impression is not the best. I mostly heard programmations, intention of soulfulness, influences... nothing really original at first sight. But then I insisted, listened to it a second time around, and found myself grading more than interesting tracks on my laptop, choosing a few for some upcoming Paris DJs selections... The songs in there were just starting to sound classy, like some hidden 21st Century Soul jewels you need to polish first a bit to make them shine.

Opening track "Auto - Magic" is nice example, the primary impression being one of some post-Beck mashing-up pop-funk, soon slipping into a need to come back to this addictive soul over cinematic hip hop beats. The following track, "Take Me With You", was already featured in the recent "Shapes Compilation" (the green one), announcing the shift from instrumental space-funk to full-grown soul songs.

One could argue that everybody's going the "let's do songs" way nowdays, in order to get live dates, money in the pocket, etc., so the leading single is not forgotten either, with a cool funk-soul cover of The Strokes' "Last Nite", and its instant-classic instrumental b-side, "Red One", an orchestral-breakbeat thing perfectly fitted for today's movies and series. To go on the contradictory road a little bit, two more instrumental tracks follow, the slow disco of "Roll Mop" and the breabeats'n'strings arrangements of "Arco"...

It's then easy too get lost in the album's organic spacey soul-funk vibes of "Carousel" and "Famished", before the stirring up party-going "Down & Round", with its old school bouncy bass, claps, and jazz guitar ending solo. All songs in the proper sense of the term, just like the closing "Moving On", blending disco, funk and hip hop with a DJ's touch. Is that intelligent dance music for the soul? Play again.

Complete info on the Jumbonics on

11. Mocky - In The Meantime (feat. Jamie Lidell)
(from 'Navy Brown Blues' CD, 2006 / Four Music)

Mocky's releases have been particularly interesting ever since the beginning of his career. He comes from Canada but exiled himself in 1999 to Berlin, joining his friends Gonzales and Peaches into creating their own style-crossing scene.

"Navy Brown Blues" is already is 5th album, after "In Mesopotamia" (2001), "The Missing Link" (2002), "In Mesopotamia Expanded" (2003) et "Are + Be" (2004), and Mocky is now perfectly in control of his crossbreed old school hip hop/soul/pop and always funky thing.

There's no filling here, every track could nearly have been a single, with standouts like the pop/hip hop mergin' "Fightin' Away The Tears" with Feist on guests vocals, or the massive hip hop/soul "In The Meantime" with new soul superstar Jamie Lidell singing, who just proves here he's one the most talented soul singers of this new century.

Electro leanings from the previous efforts seem to have been replaced by more "pop" arrangements, like delicate percussions and strings on "Fightin' Away..." or "Keep It Moving". Cheesy hip hop hooks are rather absent, too, this time. All in all the album proves Mocky is now mastering his art, and got him many production and remixing deals afterwards: a perfect example of community-quality-music!

Complete info and links on

the sound providers
12. The Sound Providers - 5 Minutes feat. The Procussions
(from 'An Evening With The Sound Providers' CD, 2004 / Quaternote/ABB Records)

I remember clearly the year 2001 and the marvelous "Soon Come" album from Asheru And Blue Back Of The Unspoken Heard, which introduced me to a new range of independant old school funky back-to-basis hip hop influenced by the Zulu Nation and the Native Tongues tribe.

When a few years later I stumbled upon this strange album, called "An Evening With The Sound Providers", listing Little Brother, Asheru, Wee Bee Foolish, Maspyke and The Procussions as featured artists, with a classy Blue Note-styled cover artwork, I couldn't resist buying it.

I never regretted the purchase any second as it introduced me to the supa-groovy flow of The Procussions, whom I managed to finally colaborate with on the recent Grant Phabao reggae remix of their "Simple Song" track, but that's a whole other story and you're as misleaded as as I was back in 2001.

The band is a matter of fact here called The Sound Providers, consisting of Soulo on production and DJ J-Skills on turntables, and the album is mostly a "beatmakers sampling jazz" hip hop deep joint, with only a quarter of the record featuring vocalists.

Disappointment?? Not any second. The 5 emcees-fuelled tracks are all killer bopping head-nodders, with a preference for the jazz guitar & beats shoulda-been-a-hit "5 Minutes feat. The Procussions". The instrumentals just complete those stand-out songs perfectly for any ind of heavy blunt-rolling type of business.

A must-have for old-schoolers and a perfect introduction towards the new 2006 album "Surreal & The Sound Providers"...

Complete info and links on



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