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Paris DJs Soundsystem - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.3

African Mashed Potato Popcorn 3
Paris DJs Soundstem - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.3
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked/T.I.M.E.C., 2007-01-13

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Tracklisting :
01. Afrodizz - O K Ou
(from 'Froots' LP, 2006 / C4) MONTREAL
02. Mfalme - Nuku Penda
(from 'Nuku Penda' 7 inch, 1970s / Asante) KENYA/USA
03. Alémayéhu Eshétè - Tchero Adary Négn
(from 'Ethiopiques Vol.8' CD, 2000 / Buda Musique) ETHIOPIA
04. Archimedes Badkar & Afro 70 - Kila Mtu (Everybody)
(from 'Bado Kidogo' LP, 1979 / MNW) SWEDEN-TANZANIA
05. Akido - Gone With Yesterday
(from 'Akido' LP, 1972 / Mercury) USA
06. Oscar Sulley - Pleco
(from 'Jémélatu' LP, 1977 / Delta Custom) GHANA
07. The Apostles - Nmere Giri
(from 'Wisdom' LP, 197?) NIGERIA

Original record covers :
Afrodizz FrootsMfalme Nuku PendaEthiopiques 8Archimedes Badkar Afro 70AkidoOscar SulleyThe Apostles

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by the Paris DJs Soundsystem (
Artwork by Fourmy (
Reviews by Djouls (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

Afrodizz Froots
01. Afrodizz - O K Ou
(from 'Froots' LP, 2006 / C4)

"The latest afrobeat stormer we could hear this year comes from Montreal with Afrodizz who released a future classic" (from best of 2006 part 2).
With so many new afrobeat bands rising from all over the world it sounds like some nasty commercial pushover, but don't let that fool you, those Canadians are really that good, fusing classic Fela-inspired afrobeat with heavy jazz experience and a really modern funk-rock sound.
Like this new one, their previous effort from 2004, "Kif Kif" (released on DoRight Music/Fusion III in Canada and Freestyle Records in the UK) was a grower, and shouldn't be so hard to trace down... Now I must apologise for the selfishness, but the most important thing remains this: when are they coming to play in Paris??

More info on Afrodizz on

Mfalme Nuku Penda
02. Mfalme - Nuku Penda
(from 'Nuku Penda' 7 inch, 1970s / Asante)

Northern Soul 60's/70's american singer Jimmie Raye went to an East-African tour in 1974, playing in big arenas in Kenya where the producers of the concerts crowned him Mfalme ("King Of Soul" in Swahili). He recorded there an album called "Let Your Soul Fly", released by the African Asante label ("Thank You" n Swahili). Jimmie brought back copies for sale in the US and it was also distributed out in the islands. It was re-released in 1976 under the name "The Soul Thing". The 45 featured here, "Nuku Penda" (also on the album) is a big brassy funk cut with percussion drops, breaks, killer bass, heavy chants and growly funk/soul vocals.

More info on Mfalme on
There's also an in-depth interview available on MySpace

Ethiopiques 8
03. Alémayéhu Eshétè - Tchero Adary Négn
(from 'Ethiopiques Vol.8' CD, 2000 / Buda Musique)

The "Ethiopiques" series has gathered praises worldwide, even more since Jim Jarmush used some Mulatu Atsaké tracks in his "Broken Flowers" movie. But the amount of CDs released is such that it's hard to choose one to start with. The 4th volume is focused on Mulatu (including the tracks you've been hearing everywhere) and is an obvious choice, but this 8th volume is an essential purchase too. It's simply one of the most James Brown-influenced on of the series with six funk-fuelled tracks from Alémayéhu Estèté, heavy on Ethiopian soul sounding like old funk 45s.

More info on the "Ethiopiques" collection on

Archimedes Badkar Afro 70
04. Archimedes Badkar & Afro 70 - Kila Mtu (Everybody)
(from 'Bado Kidogo' LP, 1979 / MNW)

Archimedes Badkar is a Swedish progressive band who released three albums during the 70's. The fourth, and final from 1979, "Bado Kidago" ("not yet" in Swahili) is a joint effort with 3 Tanzanian musicians from the group Afro 70: guitarist/vocalist Patrick Pama Balisidya, and percussionist/vocalists Dick Unga and Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya. Archimedes Badkar, at this stage, was comprised of the Adolfsson brothers (Tommy and Jorgen on trumpet and reeds, respectively), Per Tjernberg (percussion), Krister Bjernelind (bass), drummer Bengt Berger, multi-reedist/pianist Christer Bothen, and pianist Brynn Settles. The collaboration with Afro 70 (5 of the LPs 6 tracks) is less experimental than their previous efforts, but perfect for our selection of worldwide African pop grooves, funk breaks and inspired solos. Think Osibisa meets Jabula with even more percussionism.

05. Akido - Gone With Yesterday
(from 'Akido' LP, 1972 / Mercury)

From what I understood Akido is a mixed afro-american band, with leader Biddy Wright on bass and lead vocals, Speedy (Neemoi) Acquaye on percussion, Peter Andrews on guitar, Jeff Whitaker on congo drums, Fayi Crown & Danielle Delon on backing vocals. This psychedelic afro-funk album was itself recorded in 1972 in London and produced by by Ronnie "Plonk" Lane (yeah, the guy from The Small Faces).
The A side is cool, particularly the rare classic "Psychedelic Baby", but the B-side is the real treat here, starting with the beautiful soul ballad "Gone with Yesterday" (featured here), with things really kicking off into San Francisco psychedelic jazz/rock, the fuzzy lead guitar jamming with heavy African rhythms and percussions, on "Confusion", "Wajo - Come And Dance" and "Blow"... a perfect trip combination!

Oscar Sulley
06. Oscar Sulley - Pleco
(from 'Jémélatu' LP, 1977 / Delta Custom)

Ghanean music kinda ended after the military coup of 1981. Not music, no, music never dies, but the record industry started a fast decline, mainly because of the rising price of imported vinyl. Preservation of the national culture didn't weigh much and most of the vinyl ressources were used to press american soul records rather than new stuff from Ghana. It's absurd, but wasn't on a short-term economic point of view. That's one the main reasons we didn't get much music from there in the past 25 years, and maybe also a cause for most of us not to be interested in that country's musical heritage. Hopefully, a guy in the UK named Miles Cleret launched a few years ago the Soundway record label, digging deeply into rare African recordings, particularly with two INCREDIBLE "Ghana Soundz " compilations, which you should get as soon as possible. Those albums were a blessing for us always in need of more afrofunk, and got us to discover supa-talented artists and amazingly rare records, among whom Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band and their "Jémélatu" album from the end of the 70's, a real treat of afrosoul with disco strings and horns. Featured here is the reggae-ish afro disco-soul jazz marvel of "Pleco", a jungle symphony in itself.

More info on Soundway Records on

The Apostles
07. The Apostles - Nmere Giri
(from 'Wisdom' LP, 197?)
(this is not cover of the 'Wisdom' album)

This album is a complete mystery. There's no info on the Internet anywhere, no artwork, nothing. I stumbled upon it on the p2p, but even there my source said she didn't have any info or cover... Biographical info on The Apostles is hard to find too. I think they're different from the East-Nigerian 70s band "The Apostles Of Aba" but again I might be wrong. Besides the "Wisdom" album featured here, you should painlessly find the other one available out there [thanks to the ever-growing music-loving connected community], "Black Is Beautiful". We played its title track in the first volume of "African Mashed Potato Popcorn" last year. Both albums are ageless afro-rhythm'n'blues-funk-Beatles things, but "Wisdom" is the one with 4 killer tracks, namely "Music In Me" and "Born To Reign", two catchy pop-funk slow numbers with psyched-out guitar solos and uptempo rolling drums, and "Nmere Giri", which you can hear on the mix here, and "Feeling Happy", two gospel-pop-afro-funk pieces with tripped-out organ solos.
Definitively worth the hunt on ebay an such.



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uncle pimp uncle pimp ·  21 January 2007, 06:18

The origin of guitar and little music - when kalimba meets folk:


okey nwachuku okey nwachuku ·  11 January 2008, 16:11

I stumbled on this website, I read what you wrote about the "Apostles of Aba" Nigeria in the 70s. I know one of the members of the group, the drummer. He is a good friend of me. His name is Barry. He is living here in Los angeles. If you need more infoprmatio of the group, you may contact me and I can direct you to barry. My name is Okey

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