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Osaka Monaurail - Reality For The People

Osaka Monaurail Reality For The People
Osaka Monaurail - Reality For The People
(CD/LP) Unique Records UNIQ133, 2007-08-24

Tracklisting :
01. Quick Sand
02. [I'm Coming Back To] The Coming Back
03. Reality For The People
04. Pick Up The Pieces One By One [Parts 1&2]
05. Opportunity
06. Ceora
07. We Got One [A Show]
08. Alternative Reality

Note : already released in Japan in 2006 on Shout Records.

Links :

European Tour dates 2007 :
22.11. UK London - Jazz Café
23.11. UK Isle of Wight - Ryde Theatre
24.11. UK Southampton - Soul Cellar
29.11. F Paris - Batofar
01.12. F Montpellier - Le Jam
06.12. D Berlin - Bohannon
08.12. D Hamburg - Mandarin Kasino

Biography :
In 2007, Osaka Monaurail will celebrate their 15th anniversary. The wheels are very much still turning on the funk-i-est band that Japan has to offer. After 15 years the aim of the group still remains the same; that is to play just - plain - funk. Leader Nakata often says in interviews 'we've been working very hard for 15 years only to find a way to play funk music.'

REALITY FOR THE PEOPLE was the first release under the new SHOUT! Productions and is the 5th album from Osaka Monaurail. The opening track Quicksand features a fast-driving but very cool rhythm section. Ceora is a Lee Morgan bossa-nova original with a novel bogaloo arrangement.

After 15 years, Osaka Monaurail hits the biggest rock festival and another European tour. After all, as leader Nakata says, "...the Japanese kids' long journey of learning how to play funk never ends".

The current line up in 2007 is: Ryo Nakata (vocal and keys), Yamagata Kentaro and Sakakibara Seiji (trumpets), Hiraishi Katsutoshi (trombone), Mukai Shimon (tenor saxophone), Hayami Dan and Ikeda Yuichi (guitars), Nakamura Dai (bass) and Okuse Kensuke (drums).

Press Release :
Finally Funk-fans are able to get a hold of their new favorite Band. Unique Records releases Osaka Monaurails fifth Album "Reality For The People" for the world outside of Japan. Until now their releases were only available as Japan-Import. Now the wait is over, crowned by the LP, which is only available through Unique. Pure 60s Funk in a JB’s style.

In 2007 Osaka Monaurail from Japan celebrate their 15th year of existence. Named after the "It’s the JB’s Monaurail" album by The JB’s they live and breathe the sound of the James Brown Orchestra with an unmatched perfection and devotion. As they started out as a 15-piece band they went through some changes over the years and are now a 9 member funk outfit that has already five albums and nine vinyl singles under their belt as well as last years comeback album by Funk- Icon Marva Whitney, who they accompanied on the full length-release called "I Am What I Am".

Their love for the heroes of the 60s and 70s goes as far as Bandleader Ryo Nakata being responsible for the re-release of movie-classics "Superfly" and "Coffy" for the Japanese market in 1999, making it a successful venture in the movie-theatres as well as on DVD.

On stage they dress shapely in matching suits and play in unbelievable fashion as proven on the 2005 Live-Album "Eyewitness To The..." where you can hear Legendary Deep Funk-DJ Keb Darge give them his approval in Japanese.

They started out still being in University to having their own recording studios, their own vintage equipment and releasing on their very own label "Shout!" After playing their first concert (other than school parties) in Osaka 1993, they went a long way of rehearsal, planning and playing.

2007 sees Osaka Monaurail releasing their material outside of Japan for the very first time with the vinyl single "We Got One (A Show)" being released on Our Label Records from Bremen, Germany and the album "Reality For The People".


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