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NMS - Imperial Letters Of Protection

NMS - Imperial Letters Of Protection
NMS - Imperial Letters Of Protection
(CD) Big Dada BDCD085, 2005-11-04

CD Tracklist:
01 Chess With The Galaxies
02 Evacuate The White House
03 Strike Back
04 Beast Vision
05 Time Ends
06 Electrical Seizure
07 Get Him Signed
08 Supreme Beings
09 Nothing Makes Sense
10 Seraphim Revolver
11 Hold The Atmosphere
12 The Upliftment
13 Last Days

PromoCD Artwork:

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Press Release :
Two years ago, infamous hip-hop innovator and former Company Flow member Bigg Jus left the NYC metropolis he'd always loved, for the somewhat more rural setting of a south-Georgia cotton mill. Holing up with Californian avant-rap legend Orko Elohiem, the pair initially planned to put together a futuristic, abstract hip-hop set piece, a 'Bird Meets Miles' of avant-rap. It wasn't long before the barrage of war reporting, nightmarish political rhetoric and the ever-present image of George W Bush, delivered courtesy of their TV on an hourly basis, put paid to their plans.

'Woe To Thee O Land Whose King is a Child' was the first installment of the recordings the duo named the 'Nephlim Modulation Sessions.' This was no cliched lip-service or self-righteous discourse, but rather an epic, blistering assault and analysis of the new political landscape that was fearful, raging and funny in equal parts.

If 'Woe To Thee' set out the problems as they stood in 2003, second installment 'Imperial Letters of Protection' was always desgined to provide some answers. Luckily, Jus and Orko's blueprint forms an album which surpasses even its predecessor.

Expanding the backdrop to an allegorical, galactic overview ('Chess With The Galaxies,') Imperial Letters re-examines the constriction of liberty at home ('Evacuate The White House,' Get Him Signed,') and urges action on the part of the little guy; '...the most dangerous person of all is he who does nothing.' 'Strike Back' is a literal, incandescent command.

Added to the trademark anger and dramatic, highly-evolved production is a sense of catharsis, evident on instrumental track 'The Upliftment,' and even in the musicality of the seemingly pessimistic 'Last Days.' Like the landscape this record disects and reacts to, contradiction and conflicting emotion is a given, and an important artistic tension. The duo may have ended up with a musical innovation like 'Bird Meets Miles' after all, and the result is another another heartfelt, important and brilliantly executed record.


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