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Ninja Tune presents Counter Records

counter records
Ninja Tune presents Counter Records

For 16 years we've held steadfast to our label mission of bringing the finest in electronic / hip-hop / jazz / etc.. to the homes and clubs. We've seen the cycle of trends turn over four or five times in all the different territories we deal with. We've been hip, then not-hip, then hip again many times over depending on what the cannon of press and popular underground opinion happens to be clocking at that moment. And all the while we really didn't give a shit what people were thinking/buying and just kept putting out what we believed to be excellent in our field.

So although all of us here love all kinds of music from pop to the rock to r&b to hardcore and we've had plenty of good demos and opportunities to broaden our sound over the years we just never felt like we needed to make that jump.

And then we heard Pop Levi...

Much more about him will follow as this year unfolds, but the short story is; Pop Levi is part of our sprawling Ninja Tune Liverpool psych-rock collective Super Numeri. He casually handed over demos for a record he was working on that showed a modern spin on rock & soul (somewhere between Marc Bolan & Prince... for real) and we immediately knew that there was no way we could pass on it. That we were impressed enough with it to shirk a 16 year old label agenda and give the record its own imprint should tell you right away how incredible it is. So it's a new sound coming to you from us, backed by 16 years of experience and knowledge as a label.

As Ninja Tune's Peter Quicke explains, "Ninja Tune was always intended to be a broad church but we were having such fun being left-foot beats & jazz snobs – its great to be breaking out of that. Pop Levi is such an immensely talented musician and performer it all seems to make sense from over here"

Watch for Pop Levi "Blue Honey" single to be released on August 28th '06 followed by the full length "The Return To Form Black Magick Party" in January '07. And more Pop Levi to follow, and future plans we can't tell you about yet.

Check if further convincing is needed. If you don't think "Blue Honey" isn't one of the most blazing songs you've heard in a while then we're just not sure we can hang out with you anymore.


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tuneinturner tuneinturner ·  06 October 2006, 14:12

Saw Pop Levi last night. a bad turnout but he performed like a true rockstar! Can't wait for the full album release and more from Counter

dierdre dierdre ·  03 May 2007, 10:20

Pop Levis is toooooo cute! sweeter than apple pie. . . yummmmmm :)

nash nash ·  10 February 2008, 09:24

the death set kick fuckin ass. Worth setting up a imprint label just to hook them up! Touring the u.k this week so get yersen involved.

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