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New Flesh - Universally Dirty

New Flesh universally dirty
best of 2006New Flesh - Universally Dirty
(CD/2xLP) Big Dada BD093, 2006-07-03

Review :
Here's an album we weren't expecting anymore. After the "Equilibrium" album from 1999 (as New Flesh For Old), the "Understanding" one from 2002 (as New Flesh), and last year's solo album from Part 2, "Live From The Breadline", we thought that the New Flesh days were over and that Part 2 was engaging on a solo career of eclectism in production. Thankfully we were totally wrong as producer Part 2, dancehall singer Toastie Tailor and rapper Juice Aleem are back with a new album, pushing the boundaries of UK hip hop far away from standards and mainstream boredness!
"Wherever We Go" is the obvious single, with its right in-your-face dancehall hip pop thing with acoustic guitar riffs and classical violins; "Howz Dat?" sounds like a West-Indian Mike Skinner (The Streets) arranged by Danny Elfman in a Nightmare Before Christmas fashion, with a post-Flat Beat (Mr Oizo) electro-thing in it... You're starting to understand, "Universally Dirty" is quite a piece of unclassify-able and grooving 21st century soundsystem shit. Fusing hip hop, dancehall, UK garage, a little bit of 80's electro, soul and funk, some chunks of soca or grime, it clearly aims straight for the cool and eclectic modern dancefloors. Vintage vinyl sound and dynamics will be needed, so act like a real music lover: download the mp3s, copy the CD and buy the vinyl version. Djouls

Tracklisting :
01. Backyard | Go Download mp3
02. Wherever We Go | Watch video
03. Howz Dat?
04. Home Movie
05. Who's The Daddy?
06. Chocolate Bubbles
07. Arms House
08. Don't Look Now
09. Money Movers
10. Black Marble (skit)
11. Trouble feat. LSK
12. Give Up The Fight
13. Come Again

Artwork :
New Flesh universally dirtyNew Flesh universally dirtyNew Flesh universally dirtyNew Flesh universally dirtyNew Flesh universally dirtyNew Flesh universally dirtyNew Flesh universally dirty

Promo CD artwork :
New Flesh universally dirtyNew Flesh universally dirty
Press Release :
The pioneers are back!! NEW FLESH have always been more than a step in front of the opposition, and from the opening bars of "Backyard," probably the freshest dancehall tinged riddim heard from the UK, it's clear that "UNIVERSALLY DIRTY" is going to be something very special.

With producer & disposable graffiti artist PART 2 mixing up a fresh blend of hip hop, dancehall, soca, grime and Britfunk, this is an album which perfectly sums up where Black British music should be – original, vital, infectious & outward-looking, whilst still smashing the floor! Add to this heavy soundscape the contributions of two world class MCs, JUICE ALEEM (collaborator with COLDCUT & ADAM FREELAND) and the multi diverse TOASTIE TAILOR, then you have a serious contender for an album of the year!

Lead single "Wherever We Go" combines an epic chorus with acoustic guitar, strings and a heavy b-line to show that New Flesh can do catchy whenever they like. From here the LP continues to accelerate! Over a gripping Part 2 hyper-grime riddim, "Howz Dat?," Juice sets his tongue skipping and shows that there isn't an MC in the country who can out-technique him. Toastie, on the other hand, uses his solo track "Home Movie" to suggest a little naughtiness with a video camera, a perfect summary of the yin and yang which makes these two vocalists so complementary.

"Who's The Daddy" is a pointed reminder that this trio pioneered much of what is considered "now" in today's British Urban music scene, and "Arms House" shows that they can bring the lyrical assault and battery with the best of them. "Don't Look Now" joins the dots between grime, old skool and electro in the kind of effortless way that only New Flesh can do. "Money Movers" adopts the "think big get big" motto, playing games with the stock market from their virtual office.

Running towards the end of the record, "Trouble" features the only collaborator, LSK, on a reggaefied dub epic. "Give Up The Fight" is a reminder of the original roots of the New Flesh sound, whilst the last track of the record, "Come Again" delivers a message to the world that they will keep coming back stronger every time. NEW FLESH, one of the finest, most innovative crews the UK has ever produced are back again, and they're better than ever!!

Also check for examples of Part 2's "Cut Out" recyle graffiti style and much more...


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obenis obenis ·  18 July 2006, 08:12

je veux que vous me porté votre aide pour que je puis fais sorti mon tous premer singuèl

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