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Natural-Self feat. Alice Russell - I Don't Need This Trouble

natural self alice russell i don't need this trouble
Natural-Self feat. Alice Russell - I Don't Need This Trouble
(12") Breakin' Bread BNB019, 2005-07-26

Info :
New on BREAKIN BREAD records. A phenomenal 12" of funked up breaks and QSO style guitar loops featuring the downright soul drenched vocals of the amazing ALICE RUSSELL. The flip is a downtempo soul/funk cut with stabbing horns and rolling breaks. For your TRU THOUGHTS & QUANTIC fans. [Groovedis]

Tracklisting :
1. Natural-Self feat. Alice Russell - I Dont Need This Trouble
2. Natural-Self feat. Alice Russell - I Dont Need This Trouble (instrumental)
3. Natural-Self - Foundation Pt.2
4. Natural-Self - Back to the City
5. Natural-Self - Raising the Power of the Earth to the Sky
Representing the influence behind the music of Natural-Self. From East to West, past to present. Snares snap, bass kicks, horns shine, guitars crunch, scratches cut, lyrics flow, souls sing and music plays.

Press Release :
BREAKIN BREAD continue to push their brand of "DIRTY, BEATBREAKIN' FUNK AND HIP HOP" with a 12" from Natural Self aka Keno 1. This single follows 2 recent releases from Natural Self that have caused a bit of a stir. "The Sound b/w Foundation" 7" (released at the end of 2004) has been rocking eclectic dancefloors the world over. "The Ritual" Mix CD (released May 2005) has been getting interesting reactions as punters get to see where the man is coming from. This 12" takes the listener deeper into Natural Self's world as he builds towards the release of his full LP in the Autumn.

If you didn't already know, Natural Self has a distinctive production sound that is a hybrid of many musical styles with hip hop and funk at it's centre. It's instrumental, atmospheric, layered and very visual. The main elements are hard drums, mad percussion and all sorts of instruments thrown in. The production style is left of centre but he also incorporates live music into the mix and on this release he introduces vocals. Alice Russell (of Tru Thoughts) complements the production very nicely with some heartfelt singing.

Side A "I Don't Need This Trouble" (Vocal and Instrumental)
This is a vocal funk tune and something Natural Self has been working towards for a while. Alice Russell (of Tru Thoughts) delivers vocals that complement the production very nicely. The beat is programmed and certain other elements are sampled but to us it's still funk. As the man himself says "The mode of creation doesn't define the genre of a piece of music, although I'm sure some people would disagree. I had an opportunity to do something with Alice so I took it. I would have been crazy not to. She has one of the best voices around, no question". This is the first song Natural Self has written vocals for and Alice helped him turn it into a song. Let's hope it's the first of many...

Side B (3 instrumentals)
B1 - "Foundation Pt.2"
This track follows on from "Foundation" released last year on Natural Self's 7" single. "I wanted to expand on the Roots vibe with it's triumphant horn sound and Nyabinghi drums. (Nyabinghi is a Rasta style of drumming and the word itself means "Death to the black and white oppressor"). The horns are a mix of several samples and lots of John Style's Saxophone (of Quantic Soul Orchestra). I'm particularly pleased with the result production-wise as I think it's very hard to tell which is which."

B2 - "Back to the City"
On this track Natural Self went for a real expansive feeling, "like looking across a big city and imagining all the things that are going on in a single moment." The drums work differently on this one. They don't come at you hard with the kick and snare but work more like a rhythmic pulse. Like the heart beat of the city maybe...?

B3 - "Raising The Power Of The Earth To The Sky"
Thisis on a very similar tip to Foundation Part 2. Natural Self wanted it to be simple and sound kind of old. It's got something of that same kind of 'Roots' vibe.

All in all we hope you agree that Natural Self has produced a well rounded EP that showcases his style perfectly. With that unique sound of his, he gives us a record that can rock a dancefloor as well as help you chill with a smoke. In fact, every track has a different mood. Give yourself some time, get the stereo sound proper, have another listen and wonder what kind of madness Natural Self will bring you on his full length album... ENJOY!


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