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Nanny Tango / Jung Collective: Gandharva Interview

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Gandharva: Since when did you direct your own Nanny Tango label? And what was your intention with founding it?
Jung Collective: Nanny Tango started at the end of 2001. I'd recorded for lots of cool labels (The Leaf Label / Tru Thoughts / Soul Jazz / Cup Of Tea / DOT...) but was getting frustrated waiting to fit into other people's release schedules. I wanted creative freedom & a challenge and I got both!

Gandharva: The Nanny Tango releases are 7" vinyls only. What is the reason of it?
Jung Collective: I love artists & labels who put that extra effort into their output. Releases aren't just product - they're expressions first. Nanny Tango is a cottage industry. I put lots of care into making each release as individual as the budget will allow. Everyone can burns CD's - 7" vinyl stands out, it's great for DJ's, more collectible & more fun.

Gandharva: Your new release (Jung Collective - Prefab Trad) has been out recently. What about the feedback?
Jung Collective: Feedback is really positive & still coming in. There are more floor friendly tracks on this release, especially the Flevans mix but with the usual leftfield quirkiness too. People are realising we don't just follow the musical herd and you get something more individual from each Nanny Tango release. We've had great support from Bastard Jazz (USA), Si Begg, Paul Murphy, Deisler, Kraak & Smaak (Holland), TIMEC (Paris) and many more.

Gandharva: Your remixers are: Flevans (Tru Thoughts), Richard E (Further Out) and Protassov (Switchstance). This is the evidence, your music is very successfull in artists' circels. Does it appear in the general public circles?
Jung Collective: We've also had remixes by Plaid (Warp), Aldo Vanucci (Catskills), Space Raiders (Skint) and have a project coming with some incredible names from the electronic /soul / jazz / beats world. I've been around for a while, on the edge of things so have been lucky to meet many cool producers, artists & labels. However I suffer from chronic LPS (Low Profile Syndrome)!!! Small labels struggle with marketing budgets so everything has to be built by word of mouth. It's a very slow process but rewarding when people start to take notice. Recently things have got very busy with the label, website, weekly radio show & podcast, new artists lined up in 2006, composing for TV, lecturing on music & people are buying stuff off the website so it's pretty encouraging!

Gandharva: Who are your favorite artists? What do you listen to?
Jung Collective: Fave artists: Miles Davis (electric period) , early Cabaret Voltaire, anything by Doctor L & Mind Records in Paris - his production is awesome, Belgium's Mikrolux label, Roger Robinson & Rob Mac / Gum Drop, Fela Kuti, Ennio Morricone, Antony & The Jonsons, David Sylvian, L'Altra, Airto Moriera & Flora Purim, early Kraftwerk, On U-Sound, Debussy, Steely Dan, TM Juke... that's just today's faves mind you! I will listen to anything & everything - variety's the spice of life. If a track makes the hairs stand up on my neck then I'm a happy chap!

Gandharva: What is your biggest provocation or problem as a label boss and as a producer?
Jung Collective: As a label boss - never enough time or enough money! As a producer - hearing new artists & records that blow you away (that's a pleasure and a frustration at the same time)!

Gandharva: What are the genres Nanny Tango likes? What is the genres conception?
Jung Collective: eclectic, live / electronic grooves - soulful, primal, unusual!

Gandharva: What will be the next step? What are your plans?
Jung Collective: Releases are lined up from Loretta Heywood (afro soul / folk chanteuse), Soothsayers (live afro-funk band), Tongues Of Fire (Sun Ra / New Orleans style Big Band jazz), Bidgie Reef & The Gas (existential cockney rock) & a remix project for South Africa's Melt 2000 label.

Gandharva: Are you "just" producer and label boss or are you a dj as well? And what kind of genres do you prefer in parties?
Jung Collective: I dj out occasionally but would love to do more - book me via ! I like a mix of stone cold classics & cutting edge coolness - goosebumps and shaking rumps...


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