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Mr. J. Medeiros - Of Gods And Girls

Mr J Medeiros Of Gods And Girls
Mr. J. Medeiros - Of Gods And Girls
(CD) Rawkus, 2007-08-28

Tracklisting :
01. Amelie (Feat. 20Syl Of Hocus Pocus) 05:04
02. Silent Earth 03:43
03. Strangers 04:01
04. Constance 03:33
05. Change (Feat. Strange Fruit Project And Rez of The Procussions) 03:47
06. King Of Rock Bottom (Feat. DJ Vajra) 05:07
07. Half A Dream (Feat. Marty James Of One Block Radius) 03:44
08. Keep Pace 03:37
09. Money (Feat. Pigeon John And DJ Vajra) 03:06
10. Her Wings 02:52
11. Apathy (Feat. DJ Vajra) 04:44
12. Call You 03:26
13. Constance (Joey Beats Remix) 03:45
14. Silent Earth (Ohmega Watts Remix) 04:02
15. Half A Dream (Siamese Sisters Remix Feat. DJ Destro) 04:12
16. Amelie (Mike Kilo Sentimental Remix) 03:18*

Note : This Mr. J. Medeiros (from the Procussions) solo album was released 2007-02-07 in Japan, 2007-08-28 in the rest of the world. Distributed in France through Nocturne.
*Track 16 only available in Japan

Links :
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Press Release :
In 1997, Mr. J Medeiros co-founded hip hop's heroic underdog group, The Procussions, launching their 10-year journey to indie success; touring the globe three times over, travelling with A Tribe Called Quest, collaborating with Talib Kweli, and receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Complex and URB. The Procussions have released two LP's; 2003's As Iron Sharpens Iron and sophomore LP, 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents, on Rawkus Records.

Mr. J Medeiros has always been passionate and honest with his lyrics (i.e. The Procussions' "The Storm" and "Little People"), but with his solo-debut, Of gods and girls, (which will be released on 7-24-07) Mr. J displays veteran emcee versatility, substance and style, as he really opens up to discuss topics few artists have the depth to talk about. His single and video for "Constance" has spread like wildfire on Youtube, as it tackles the taboo topic of human trafficking in the Philippines . " Constance " was subsequently featured on CBS Evening News for its exposé on human trafficking and internet pornography.

Numerous artists talk about saving the world, but Mr. J practices what he preaches by devoting a great deal of his time to special interest activities. He has served in Americorps NCCC, worked in a High School with special needs students, worked with a community outreach program that fights for the rights of persons with developmental disabilities, served as a volunteer fighter-fighter, helped build homes with "Habitat For Humanity" and has recently built a partnership with; a non-profit, anti-human trafficking organization.

Further illustrating his growth as an artist, Mr. J handles the bulk of the production himself, including the incredible "Keep Pace," "Silent Earth," and his ode to his mother and father's unconditional love on "Call You." Of gods and girls finds Mr. J rekindling his chemistry with Procussions members Rez, who joins Strange Fruit on the Illmind (of G-Unit fame) produced "Change", and Stro the 89th Key, who produces "Strangers" and "Honest Man's Hustle." Long-time friend, Pigeon John assists on "Money" an anthem for those with checking account woes. Although complimented by top-notch guests, J carries the weight of this album on his own shoulders, delivering stimulating dialogue from track to track and showing a glimpse of humor amidst an honest and sober dose of reality. Mr. J comments, "a lot of these songs were written at a time when I was broke and when I felt truly alone. Of gods and girls stems from that. It's very personal."

Rawkus Records' Co-founder Jarret Meyer waxes passionately about Mr. J Medeiros and what he brings to the label as an artist, stating, "In terms of content and artistry, Mr J. ranks among the top artists I have had the pleasure of working with. But, what separates Mr J. as an individual is an unrelenting DIY punk spirit. He is definitely a career artist who will continue to make a big impact on music and culture."


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max max ·  16 January 2008, 09:50

It's good!

Mr Bark Mr Bark ·  22 February 2008, 09:15

Hell ! Billet très pertinent ;) cependant j'ai du mal à comprdendre : feat. strange fruit project and rez of the procussions ... bonne conttinuation ! :)

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