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Milez Benjiman - Feel Glorious

Milez Benjiman Fell Glorious
Milez Benjiman - Feel Glorious
(2xCD/2xLP) Tru Thoughts TRUCD152/TRULP152, 2008-04-14

Tracklisting CD1 :
01. Milezology 0:40
02. Chop That Wood 5:37
03. Our House 6:17
04. Feel Glorious 4:39
05. Crucify 4:13
06. Inheritance 5:22
07. Hold Your Head High 3:45
08. What's Your Name 5:24
09. Crazy 'bout Ya 4:43
10. Soundcheckin' 5:28
11. Timeless 4:42
12. Ixlanaplaz 1:27
13. Destiny 5:02

Tracklisting CD2 :
01. Chop That Wood (inst) 4:54
02. Our House (inst) 6:17
03. Feel Glorious (inst) 5:10
04. Crucify (inst) 4:14
05. Inheritance (inst) 5:34
06. Hold Your Head High (inst) 3:46
07. What's Your Name (inst) 5:23
08. Crazy 'bout Ya (inst) 6:33
09. Soundcheckin (inst) 5:30
10. Timeless (inst) 4:32
11. Ixlanaplaz (inst) 1:27
12. Destiny (inst) 4:58

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Press Release :
The three charismatic individuals who make up Milez Benjiman – Gerd, Delgui & Colonel Red - came together and set straight to work on their aim of bringing the grind & excitement of true soul music at its best to the people.

In the Dutch trio's own words – "Milez Benjiman is a sonik sounding stomp of cyborg funk! Fused with glorifying melody touched with conscious lyrical power & sent to hook you from root 2 roof-top... totally leaving you wanting more!" A single released on Ubiquity (USA) last year has already helped them gain lots of fans and "Chop That Wood" is Milez Benjiman's brilliant single before a worldwide release of their debut album on Tru Thoughts.

True to their words, "Chop That Wood" stomps along with a funky ol' swagger and the band drop a real party vibe, with banging music and beats. The message that underpins the lyrics is that we all have to work towards a better day and make a better way, the wood symbolising the creative energy that keeps us keepin' on and taking it higher.

With music built on masterful beats and sophisticated production, Milez Benjiman make fine use of influences from hip hop and spoken word to electronica, via soul and R'n'B, in the process conjuring up a sound that is uplifting, and all their own.

The B side is the upbeat track "Feel Glorious" with an optimistic hip hop-funk vibe, and a hint of gospel. That cheeky electronica starts bubbling up through the layers about halfway in. This track also pinpoints what sophisticated craftsmanship Milez Benjiman have nailed down, and delves into the idea that music is the answer for them and so many others, to "feel glorious" in this sometimes soul-tiring business of being a modern day earthling.

This release also boasts a cappella and instrumental versions of both "Chop That Wood" and "Feel Glorious".

Milez Benjiman have an uncanny ability to wear their diverse and classy influences pretty much on their sleeves, whilst sounding absolutely unique and what's a league of their own.

The charisma and passion of all three band members is palpable all the way and this infectious energy will have you flipping their record straight over and playing it again.

Look out for "Feel Glorious", the stunning debut album from Milez Benjiman on Tru Thoughts, out in April.


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