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Merzbow - Luxurious Automobile - Plug (Luke Vibert) Remix / on Merzbow - Ikebana: Amlux Rebuilt, Reused And Recycled

Merzbow - Luxurious Automobile - Plug (Luke Vibert) Remix
on Merzbow - Ikebana: Amlux Rebuilt, Reused And Recycled
(2xCD) Important Records imprec014, 2003-05-06

Info :
This is not exactly a "remix", but rather artists were asked to use sounds from a Merzbow album in their own tracks.

Tracklisting :
1.01. Takemitsu (Dj Spooky Mix)
1.02. In And Out Of Institutions (Dj /rupture Mix)
1.03. Untitled (Plug Mix)
1.04. Digital Hardcore (Alec Empire Mix)
1.05. Cow Cow (Sheep Sheep) (Kim Hiorth¯y Mix)
1.06. Testosterphone (Nau-Zee-Aun Mix)
1.07. Klunk (Bola Mix)
1.08. Spicy Water (Kurt Weisman Mix)
1.09. Merzwaltz (Atom™ Mix)
1.10. Luxus (Custom Drummer Mix)
1.11. Untitled (Raub Roy Mix)
1.12. Freq (Abstinence Mix)
1.13. Cho Nama Yo! featuring Chicks On Speed (Instavoid Mix)
1.14. Looping Jane (Masami Akita Mix)

2.01. An Actual Attack (Negativland Mix)
2.02. Toru Pup (Hrvatski Mix)
2.03. Superstar (Mouse On Mars Mix)
2.04. Untitled (Cornelius Mix)
2.05. Available Memory (Jack Dangers Mix)
2.06. Merzmix (Freiband Mix)
2.07. Takemitsu (Sonic Boom Mix)
2.08. Decomposition (KK Null Mix)
2.09. A Golden Cow On The Bridge (Staalplaat Sound System Mix)
2.10. Revolved Jane (Kawabata Makoto Mix)
2.11. Assembler (Nobukazu Takemura Mix)
2.12. Takemitsu Unholy (Lasse Marhaug Mix)
2.13. Black Gun Red (Kim Cascone Mix)
2.14. Untitled (John Wiese Mix)
2.15. With CB (Zipperspy Mix)


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