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Medeski Martin & Wood - Let's Go Everywhere

medeski martin and wood lets go everywhere
Medeski Martin & Wood - Let's Go Everywhere
(CD) Little Monster Records MRI01, 2008-01-08

Info :
MMW's First-Ever Kids Record "Let's Go Everywhere" will be released on January 8, 2008 on Little Monster Records. This record is sure to delight kids and parents and parents and kids.

Tracklisting :
01. Waking Up
02. Let's Go Everywhere | MP3
03. Cat Creeps
04. The Train Song
05. Where's the Music? | MP3
06. Pat a Cake
07. Pirates Don't Take Baths | MP3
08. Far East Sweets
09. On an Airplane
10. The Squalb
11. Let's Go
12. Old Paint
13. Hickory Dickory Dock
14. All Around the Kitchen
15. We're All Connected

Links : (label info) (MP3s)

Press Release from Little Monster Records:
John Medeski, Billy Martin & Chris Wood have garnered acclaim since 1991 for their raw musicianship, unique melodic and rythmic sensibilities, and their knack for comfortably bending styles to suit their own outrageous -and outrageously fun- vision of music. Their first album of music for children and families is called "Let's Go Everywhere", and it nearly does, incorporating vocals by Chris Wood and brother Oliver, John Lurie, inspired newcomer Tim "Big Time" Ingham, and some very happy children into a joyful pastiche of musical styles. From the hardcore Meters-esque celebration "Where's The Music" to the Latin and Asian-tinged jazz of "Hicory Dickory Dock" and "Far East Sweets", MMW and thier friends will have your child moving their bodies, expanding their musical experience and sharing the joy of this very special group of musicians.

Another Press Release I've found :
Medeski Martin & Wood, known to their legions of fans for their free-flowing "elegant mayhem of jazz and funk," will release a new family music CD, Let's Go Everywhere. Available January 8, from Little Monster Records, Let's Go Everywhere takes listeners on a journey both literal and figurative, through a magical mélange of sounds and vehicular adventures.

Let's Go Everywhere offers the same musical sophistication fans have come to expect from Medeski Martin & Wood (also known as John Medeski, Billy Martin and Chris Wood). This collection of all-ages tunes will keep everyone in the family bopping and jamming along, no matter how long the ride may be.

The band wanted to do a children's record for some time. Chris Wood's daughter shares play dates with the daughter of Kate Hyman and Kevin Salem, co-founders of Little Monster Records. The parents talked over some ideas and settled on the concept of travel and adventure. The band went into the studio together, and four days later had composed, arranged and laid down the basic tracks for this high-flying collection of rousing tunes. The collaborative and improvisational nature of the recording process comes through with the fresh and happy sound of each track.

Most of the songs are MMW rollicking originals, like "The Train Song," "Let's Go" and "Pirates Don't Take Baths." Others are familiar children's rhymes and songs ("Pat a Cake" takes on a kid punk persona, "Hickory Dickory Dock" truly makes time and "All Around the Kitchen" shakes out of its traditions). "Old Paint" is done in an easygoing style complemented with Medeski's expert piano playing. The band also enlisted talented friends to help round out the sound. Tim Ingham sings a tune that Johnny Cash made famous – the result is "Let's Go Everywhere" (echoing "I've Been Everywhere") as well as the original "Pirates" tune. And actor/Lounge Lizards band leader John Lurie (Down by Law; Paris, Texas) contributes his edgy vocals to the offbeat story/song "The Squalb." It helps to know that if you find something fuzzy in your pocket, it's a good thing.


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Djouls Djouls ·  30 June 2007, 16:53

More info on this :

Results of the Billy Martin Interview
Thu May 17

Just got off the phone with Bill and all I can say is he's a real nice, cool dude. Interview went well and thanks to everyone who suggested questions. Here's some of the responses:

Children's Album: It is done and has been for a year. It was supposed to come out in April but they recorded it on a small record label who was then bought out so now the album is just sitting somewhere, but it will come out. It's called "Let's Go Everywhere" and according to Billy it's MMW's best album. It features raps from his 6 year old son, and other kids, and it has some songs written and sung by Chris Wood and also features some spoken word from friends of the band.

Hip-hop themed project: Always been a dream of Billy's to do it and now that they are on their own label, it's as possible of ever. Although he is surprised that it has even taken this long for it to happen.

Live DVD: Turns out one of their acoustic shows in Japan was taped and they saw the footage and loved it. Most likely it will be eventually put out, just a matter of time of looking through all the footage and picking what they like.

I asked him stuff about the new record label and the new duo album with Medeski as well, if there's anything else you guys are curious about I can try and answer.


Thanks for posting. A Japanese MMW trading contact of mine told me that one of the TPC gigs was more than likely to be made into a DVD. Great to hear an official source give it credence.


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