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Malente - How Can You Still Stand To Stand Still

Malente How Can You Still Stand To Stand Still
Malente - How Can You Still Stand To Stand Still
(CD/2xLP) Unique Records UNIQ113, 2006-08-14

Tracklisting CD :
01. Like A Freek (4:42)
02. For The Revolution (3:08)
03. In Bed With The Devil (3:48)
04. In The Sky (4:44) [feat. Lars Moston]
05. They Want You To Fail (3:35) [co-produced by Dublex Inc., feat. Travis Blaque on vocals]
06. Everything I Think Is Golden (4:53)
07. Fucked (3:15) [feat. Chevy on vocals]*
08. War On War (3:42)*
09. You Know Who You Are (5:05)
10. Open Secret (3:10)
11. Move Your Body (4:03)*
12. Don't Let 'Em Take Your Smile Away (4:54)
13. Washington DC (5:20) [with Die Turen]
14. Are Y'All Fired Up? (4:58)
(* exclusive to the CD version)

Tracklisting 2xLP :
A1. Like A Freek
A2. For The Revolution
A3. Are Y'All Fired Up?
B1. Snake (exclusive vinyl track)
B2. In The Sky (with Lars Moston)
B3. They Want You To Fail (with Dublex Inc & Travis Blaque)
C1. Open Secret
C2. You Know Who You Are
C3. Everything I Think Is Golden
D1. Don't Let 'Em Take Your Smile Away
D2. Washington DC (with Die Turen)
D3. In Bed With The Devil

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Press Release :
Just about a year after Malente's remixalbum "Rip It Up" on Unique Records and a variety of 12'' singles on fine labels such as Moonboutique, Luscious Sounds and Splank! - not to forget the other two recent unique singles "Dancefloor Whore" & "Like A Freek" - Malente is ready to rock, roll and kick of the campaign to his fourth overall album entitled "How Can You Still Stand To Stand Still?".

Delivering this album in this short amount of time is almost sensational to us, bearing in mind that he is basically constantly
producing and on the road touring as a DJ, whether it is Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Thailand, Canada, Spain or Russia to name just a few territories. Absolutely no time fellows to stand still, take time off, taking a break or anything in the same vein. Without a doubt, Malente is amongst the hardest working men in the scene - and especially the variety of his music is growing ever since. "How Can You Still Stand To Stand Still” is not only fully loaded with a total of 14 fascinating tracks that will create dancefloor craze, it also holds some astonishments back in it's pockets which will go far beyond the perception of the music itself...

Artistically, Malente remains true to his principles and travels through 70s & 80s Funk, Electro and Breakbeats but sounding more electronic and powerful ever since. The album offers tracks and songs for any occasion, starting with classic vocal single repertoire such as "For The Revolution" - by the way the first single which comes across with remixes from DJ Regal, dutch rhythm master Mason and UK's Smoove - and "Open Secret". Then there's bloody electro breaks madness such as "Like A Freek", "Move Your Body" and "In The Sky" which has been produced with his friend and partner Lars Moston. "In The Sky" has also been released in a different version as Moston & Malente on Moonbootique!


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