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Loik - Hippie Soul

Hippie Soul
Loik - Hippie Soul
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked, 2007-02-03

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Tracklisting :
01. Bama - I Got Soul
(from 'Ghettos Of The Mind' LP, 1972 / Chess)
02. Sylvester & The Hot Band - On Your Way Down
(from 'Bazaar' LP, 1973 / Blue Thumb)
03. D.J. Rogers - Listen To The Message
(from 'D.J. Rogers' LP, 1973 / Shelter)
04. Ronnie McNeir - Keep Your Hands Off My Lady
(from 'Ronnie McNeir' LP, 1972 / RCA)
05. Latimore - For What It's Worth
(from 'Latimore' LP, 1973 / Glades)
06. Little Sonny - Memphis B-K
(from 'Black & Blue' LP, 1971 / Enterprise)
07. Baby Huey and the Babysitters - Listen To Me
(from 'The Baby Huey Story - The Living Legend' LP, 1970 / Buddah)

Original record covers :
bama ghettos of the mindSylvester and the Hot BandDJ Rogers Listen To The MessageRonnie McNeirLatimoreLittle SonnyBaby Huey

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Credits :
Selection by Loik & artwork by Fourmy (
Reviews by Djouls (
Mixing and audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

bama ghettos of the mind
01. Bama - I Got Soul
(from 'Ghettos Of The Mind' LP, 1972 / Chess CH-50032)

Bama is a serious, conscious, emotional poet, accompagned here by Bernard Purdie on drums, Richard Tee on keyboards, and Cornell Dupree on guitar, with arrangements by Jimmy Wizner and Billy Jackson. If, like us, you enjoyed the deep funky poetry of The Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron or The Watts Prophets, then this LP from 1972 on Cadet/Chess (reissued last year on Aware Records) will be your thing. You might call it "music for the mind" but poetry and political rap over funky jazz has been the kind of music we really enjoyed digging for since we launched this podcast thing.

"Ghettos of the Mind" was sampled by Pete Rock & CL Smooth for their own "Ghettos of the Mind" track.
"I Got Soul" was sampled by Pete Rock & CL Smooth on "Searchin".
"Social Narcotics" was sampled by DJ Shadow on "In/Flux".

Tracklisting :
A1. I Got Soul 4:48
A2. Welfare Slave 5:49
A3. Nothingness 2:28
A4. Thanksgiving 3:57
A5. Ghettos Of The Mind 0:35
B1. The RIGHT To Be Wrong 4:18
B2. Blessed Marie 3:56
B3. Justice Isn't Blind 2:37
B4. Social Narcotics 5:11
B5. Blackman, My Brother 5:41
B6. Drumken Sister 2:49

Notes :
All spoken material written by "The Bama".
Music arranged by Jimmy "Wiz" Wizner and Billy Jackson.
Produced and directed by "Those who believe blacks deserve something better".
Cover design: Angelo Mazzarino.
Musicians: Bama, Bernard Purdie, Richard Tee, Gordon Edwards, Cornell Dupree, Jimmy Wizner, Billy Jackson.

Sylvester and the Hot Band
02. Sylvester & The Hot Band - On Your Way Down
(from 'Bazaar' LP, 1973 / Blue Thumb Bts 60-6059)

In 1973, after 6 years of cabaret homages to Billie Holiday, Lena Horne and Bessie Smith and teaching gospel singing to cross-dressing troupe The Cockettes in San Francisco's Bay Area, rising black transvestite singer and pianist Sylvester James signed on the Blue Thumb label with a rock group, the Hot Band!
Their first self-titled album, often reffered to as "Scratch My Flower", because of the gardenia-smellin-when-scratched sticker on its sleeve, is rock-soul curiosity with covers of Neil Young, James Taylor, Procol Harum, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, etc. Another album was released the same year, "Bazaar", with much more originals, but also its fair share of covers (Allen Toussaint, James Taylor, Gram Parsons). Both records amaze by their sophistication in fusing glam-rock, gospel, soul and blues with a camp spirit.
Crossover success didn't come and the adventure ended in 1975, with Sylvester soon signing on the Fantasy label to start his disco career we've all heard of, with worldwide hits like "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" or "Dance (Disco Heat)", but that's another story...

Tracklisting :
A1. Down On Your Knees 3:00
A2. Friendship 3:25
(written by James Smith, guitar player of the Hot Band)
A3. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) 3:20
(Allen Toussaint cover)
A4. Nobody's Fault But Mine 3:55
(Otis Redding cover)
A5. All That I Need 2:55
B1. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 4:00
(James Taylor cover)
B2. On Your Way Down 5:40
(Allen Toussaint cover)
B3. My Life 2:30
B4. She 4:15
(Gram Parsons cover)

Links :
Biography and discography on

DJ Rogers Listen To The Message
03. D.J. Rogers - Listen To The Message
(from 'D.J. Rogers' LP, 1973 / Shelter SW 8915)

It's hard to understand why the very first album of gospel-inflected soul singer, songwriter and keyboardist D.J. Rogers, a kind of forgotten Sly Stone brother, hasn't be reissued yet. The album was released on the Shelter label in 1973, but the project failed, mostly due to the label's withdrawal of funds to the group who was trying to promote the record with shows in their Los Angeles hometown and around. From what I understand Shelter had been dropped by its distributor Capitol/EMI to find a deal only the next year with MCA Records... This was just not the right time, right place. Anyway Capitol bought the Shelter catalogue in 1993, so there's still hope for this forgotten soul classic to see the light of day again!

Tracklisting :
A1. Listen to the Message 3:43
A2. Where There's a Will 3:27
A3. Take Time 5:12
A4. Watch Out for the Riders 3:11
A5. March On 3:09
B1. Celebration 3:52
B2. It's All Over 4:33
B3. Don't You Want to Ride 8:07
B4. Ball Out 4:20

Musicians : D.J. Rogers (Keyboards/Main Performer/Producer), Clarence McDonald (Piano), Kenneth Loper (Organ), David T. Walker, Marlo Henderson (Guitar), Bobby Watson, Keith Hatchell, Andre Lewis (Bass), Scott Sansby, E.T. Thomas, Ron Woods, Fredrick Allen (Drums), Maxayn Lewis, Marsha Smith, Rhonge Southern, Sidigi Southern, Lalomie Washburn, Patricia Hall (Background vocals)

Ronnie McNeir
04. Ronnie McNeir - Keep Your Hands Off My Lady
(from 'Ronnie McNeir' LP, 1972 / RCA ANL1-1543)

There are two different "Ronnie McNeir" untitled albums, one from 1972 cut for the RCA label, and another one from 1975, for Prodigal (containing the hit "I'm Your Lover"). Ronnie McNeir scored a northern soul hit with "Sitting In My Class" on the Deto label when he was only a fifteen-years old self-thaught piano player and singer, listening to Motown and jazz. Then at the beginning of his twenties (and of the seventies) he moved from Michigan to Los Angeles, where he joined the local choir directed by Rene Moore. It was there that he met Kim Weston, who let him use her private recording studio where he recorded this first album, and helped him get his first record deal, with RCA.

Tracklisting :
A1. Extra, Extra 4:07
A2. Daddy's Coming Home 2:58
A3. The Tears In My Heart 3:24
A4. Gone Away 2:59
A5. Trouble's A Loser 3:02
B1. Young Girl 2:58
B2. You Better Make Sure 2:30
B3. I'm So Thankful 2:50
B4. In Summertime 2:45
B5. Keep Your Hands Off My Lady 3:57
B6. Girl You're Gonna Lose Your Groove 2:55

Notes :
Arranged By - Ronnie McNeir
Executive Producer - William Stevenson
Producer - Carl L. Maults

Links :

05. Latimore - For What It's Worth
(from 'Latimore' LP, 1973 / Glades Records 6502)

Soul/Blues Tennessean singer and pianist Benny Latimore started recording for Henry Stones and his Glades label in Miami in 1965, releasing some much sought-after deep soul singles while playing as a house pianist for many TK recordings - TK Records was the parent company from Glades Records. In 1973 he dropped the "Benny" tag from his name and released the self-titled "Latimore" album, becaming famous with a soul-jazz cover of T-Bone Walker's "Stormy Monday". Featured here is a soul cover of the classic Buffalo Springfield hippie anthem.
He would release the next year one of the best soul/blues records of the seventies, "Let's Straighten It Out"...

Tracklisting :
01. Jolie
02. If You Were My Woman
03. Take Me To The Pilot
04. Willoughby Grove
05. Power An The Glory
06. Be Yourself Be Real
07. So Much Love
08. For What It's Worth
09. Stormy Monday

Little Sonny
06. Little Sonny - Memphis B-K
(from 'Black & Blue' LP, 1971 / Enterprise)

Little Sonny's best recordings are undoubtedly the ones he did for the Stax subsidiary Enterprise, among which this 'Black & Blue' from the early 70's, released a eyar after his debut for the label, the mostly instrumental "The New King Of Blues Harmonica" album, and showcasing his undeniable talent for intense soul singing and blues harmonica playing. To make it short: here is breakbeat and harmonica! Groovy baby!

Tracklisting :
1. Hung Up 3:34
2. Sonny's Fever (instrumental) 3:10
3. You Got A Good Thing 3:10
4. A Woman Named Trouble 4:25
5. Honest I Do 2:58
6. Wade In The Water (instrumental) 3:16
7. Paying Through The Nose 3:40
8. Memphis B-K (instrumental) 3:30
9. Where Women Got Meat On Their Bones 3:30
10. I Found Love 2:47
11. They Want Money 2:56

Baby Huey
07. Baby Huey and the Babysitters - Listen To Me
(from 'The Baby Huey Story - The Living Legend' LP, 1970 / Buddah)

Baby Huey didn't live long enough to see the release of his first and only long player. His was suffering from glandular problems which kept his weight around 180-200Kg, and died in 1970, aged 26, from a drug-related heart attack. Today his album is considered a classic of psychedelic soul, and has been widely reissued, on both CD and vinyl. It was compiled and produced by Curtis Mayfield on his own Curtom label, and included 3 Curtis songs, "Mighty Mighty", "Hard Times", and "Running", along with some brilliant Sam Cooke and The Mama & The Papas covers, respectively "A Change Is Gonna Come" and "California Dreaming". Baby Huey had been discovered by Donny Hattaway, who was arranger for the Curtom label at the time, and many years later started to get rediscovered thanks to vast hip hop sampling of his recordings, from Ice Cube ("The Birth", on "Death Certificate"), to A Tribe Called Quest ("Can I Kick It?", on "People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm"), Ghostface Killah ("Buck 50", on "Supreme Clientele"), Eric B & Rakim ("Follow the Leader"), Public Enemy ("Revolutionary Generation"), Biz Markie ("The Dragon"), Naughty by Nature ("Connections"), The Chemical Brothers ("Playground for a Wedgeless Firm")...

Tracklisting :
01. Listen to Me 6:41
02. Mama Get Yourself Together 6:15
03. A Change Is Going to Come 9:31
04. Mighty Mighty 2:49
05. Hard Times 3:23
06. California Dreamin' 4:48
07. Running 3:39
08. One Dragon Two Dragon 4:03
09. Mighty Mighty Children (Part 1)*
10. Running (previously unissued mono edit)*
11. Hard Times (previously unissued mono mix)*
* = CD-only tracks on Sequel Records reissue

Links :
Babu Huey biography on



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Sam Sam ·  23 October 2008, 11:34

That sick D.J. Rogers song on this mix is actually "Bail Out".

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