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Loik & Djouls - Block Party Vol.2

Block Party
Loik & Djouls - Block Party Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked/T.I.M.E.C., 2007-01-06

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Tracklisting :
01. TM Juke - Life, Rain, Fall
(from 'Forward' LP, 2006 / Tru Thoughts)
02. Freddie Cruger - Running From Love feat. ADL
(from 'Soul Search' 2xLP, 2006 / Tru Thoughts)
03. The Procussions - Simple Song (Grant Phabao Remix)
(from 'Simple Song (Grant Phabao Remix)' virtual release, 2006 / Paris DJs)
04. The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny with Black Thought and Talib Kweli
(from 'Pick a Bigger Weapon' CD, 2006 / Epitaph)
05. Cut Chemist - The Audience Is Rural > The Audience Is Listening Theme Song (Extended Mix)
(from 'The Audience Is Rural' 12 inch, 2006 / Warner Bros)
06. Cunninlynguists - Hellfire (Joey Beats Remix Instrumental)
(from 'Joey Beats, Cunninlynguists, Blak - Hellfire' 12 inch, 2006 / Super Bro)
07. Ugly Duckling - Left Behind
(from 'Left Behind' 12 inch, 2006 / Fat Beats)

Original record covers :
TM Juke ForwardFreddie Cruger Soul Searchthe procussions remixThe Coup Pick A Bigger WeaponCut Chemistcunninlynguistsugly duckling

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Credits :
Selected by Loik & Djouls (Kraked/T.I.M.E.C.)
Artwork by Djouls (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

TM Juke Forward
01. TM Juke - Life, Rain, Fall
(from 'Forward' LP, Tru Thoughts TRU110, 2006-10-16)

They all love The Man Juke.

Kinny, the singer from the Kinny & Horne project with Espen Horne is here. TM Juke has crafted some "Damn" nice pop for the lady, she'd be stupid to refuse those kind of advances. Sinous Brighton vocalist Sophie Faricy, who toured as lead singer with TM Juke, but also sings for Bushy (Catskills), Bonobo (Ninja Tune) and many more, hasn't missed the party either, gracing the amazing broken latino groover "Come Away" with a counterpointing cool vocal part.

Danish singer Naim -a newcomer on the scene with a new 7 inch out on Today Records (if anyone's got info on that??)- is here too, with one of the hightlights of the album: "Skin", and its wonderful electronic pop harmonies on a classic hip hop beat. Don't miss the 12 inch featuring a rap from Rup (Zebra Traffic) out in March 2007... and not only for this track, but also for the following one on the album, "So Good", featuring the incredible vocals of Alice Russell, the explosive new UK soul singer! After TM Juke had produced such a beautiful album for her, she couldn't not be part of the game.

Elmore Judd (keyboard player and brother of Louis Slipperz), who now collaborate with Damon Albarn's Honest Jon's label, brings his electronic soul sensibility to "Electric Chair", a moody one right between the electronic hip hop of Lex Records and the soul of Jamie Lidell...

This record's just starting to sound like a collection of hit songs, when you get to "Life, Rain, Fall", sung by Jim Oxborrow, a masterpiece of anti-"Blade Runner" futuristic soul - a favorite played on the new "Block Party Vol.2" mix by Paris DJs. ;)

TM Juke has clearly been digging for vocal parts, and he's been really good at it, considering this is already is second album of 2006 (with Alice Russell's one, the second in a row to appear in the biannual selection), and with the new ones coming in 2007, we can already say the man's now became a complete scene by himself!

More info on TM Juke on

Freddie Cruger Soul Search
02. Freddie Cruger - Running From Love feat. ADL
(from 'Soul Search' 2xLP, Tru Thoughts TRU117, 2006-10-27)

While we were still listening to Freddie Cruger's The 3 Foot People album "3 Feet High & Rising", REALLY one of this year best hip hop vibes of this year, Mr Cruger released another over-the-top flawless album, licensed to Tru Thoughts Recordings for Europe, and Ubiquity for the US. He comes from Sweden and is the hip hop artist of the year in our book. How strange is that??" (from Djouls Best Of 2006 part 2)

As a matter of fact Freddie Cruger a.k.a. Red Astaire oughtta get BIG everywhere. He's so right-on-spot today with his fusion of hip hop, soul, dub & reggae, jazz and blaxploitation that's it's hard not to relate to his productions.
The previous album was dense, hard to categorize and to consume, filled with hits and bangers, the kind of record that never leaves the DJ bag...The new one goes further into collaborating with vocalists and rappers worldwide.

The first tracks that jump to your ears might be the previously-released singles (on glorious 12 inch vinyl/Jugglin' Records) - the reggae/hip hop mashup "Running From Love feat. ADL", the soulful "Something Good feat. Desmond Foster" and the b-boying "Bap Yo Head feat. Rapadon". Three immediate hits digging in 70's roots grooves from all over the world, who justify by themselves alone the irrepressive need to get this album on CD or vinyl (as opposed to mp3s).

But that's not the end. All ten other tracks are also songs with quality guests. "Over The Ocean feat. Desmond Foster", for example, is jamaican soul mixed with rhythm'n'blues, in a tuxedo dressing. Classy. "I Wanna Make You Move feat. Anthony David" surprises too with its dancehall/soul thing. "Pushin' On feat. Linn" is nearly as cool as her previous hip hop/soul collaboration with Freddie Cruger, the sublime "On My Way" (on "3 Feet High & Rising"), and as the Swedish singer says simply: "some love of music is all I need to chill".

"The Hustle", the only track without vocals here, speeds things up for the dancefloor in a latin swinging vibe, and confirms the genre-defying attitude of our favorite Swedish b-boy. After all those hints about the coolness of this album, you know what our advice will be: get on the R'n'Hop Soul train, now!

More info on Freddie Cruger on

the procussions remix
03. The Procussions - Simple Song (Grant Phabao Remix)
(from 'Simple Song (Grant Phabao Remix)' virtual release, TIMEC122, 2006-11-14)

"In those hard times when government individuals thrive more and more on the poor, it's really nice to meet educated and involved artists. The Procussions are that kind of people, nice, intelligent and with something to say, without ever losing their natural cool. This is rare enough to be pointed out...

Their latest album, "5 Sparrows For 3 Cents", was released earlier this year in the US but only in november 2006 in Europe. It's top-of-the-notch L.A. hip hop, funky, old school, with plenty of sunshine, so we thought at Paris DJs headquarters that it could be a good idea to try and do a collaboration with them, that could also help promote their french tour.

The band got into the idea right away and soon -thanks to the Internet- the french dubmeister Grant Phabao, who recently reworked some George Clinton, Ty or Alice Russell tracks, received some vocal parts to play with...

A few days later a new reggae instrumental was born, wonderfully gracing The Procussions' track with skanking riffs, heavy bass, clavinets chops, echo, reverb and lots of percussion - Phabao style.

This is hip hop/reggae mashing-up at his best, we're just plain proud to offer you this as a free download. Get it while it's hot and don't miss the rest of the tour." (from

More info on The Procussions on
More info on Grant Phabao on

The Coup Pick A Bigger Weapon
04. The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny with Black Thought and Talib Kweli
(from 'Pick a Bigger Weapon' CD, Epitaph #86720, 2006-04-24)

Bay Area hip hop/funk duo The Coup are proclaimed communists and so will of course be dissed as unserious by pro-Bush ass-kissing losers because of the "Head (Of State)" track (quote: "Bush and Hussein together in bed / Giving 'h-e-a-d' head"), or by never-concerned journalists who'll consider obvious stuff like "You're voting which you're hoping, Will stop the guns from smoking, Is someone fucking joking, They're bankers in sheep's clothing" as some childish philosophy, for example.

That's the idea, this duo are revolutionaries who know how to put the P into "P-Funk", raptivists making fun of America's administration, deep down into politics from a poverity standpoint. Their fifth album, "Pick A Bigger Weapon", is drenched in p-funk influences. You might consider passing on the new Outkast soundtrack and get this opus instead, one of the very best hip hop albums of 2006.

This is revolution and fun while the world is spiraling into the absurd, banging grooves for positive partying with inspirational lines. The Coup are the simply said the fantastic progeny of George Clinton, Prince, Chuck D and KRS-One!

More info on The Coup on

Cut Chemist
05. Cut Chemist - The Audience Is Rural > The Audience Is Listening Theme Song (Extended Mix)
(from 'The Audience Is Rural' 12 inch, Warner Bros W753T, 2006-12)

Former Jurassic 5 deejay and DJ Shadow collaborator Cut Chemist has finally landed his solo album and it's a killer one. The second single extracted from that "The Audience's Listening" is a reworking of the closing track "The Audience Is Listening Theme Song", titled "The Audience is Rural", boosted by guest appearances from Bootsie Brown and Ninja.

So... What's a "Rural" version, will the audience ask??
Simply put, it's an in-your-face smashing turbo-charged hip hop/rock anthemization that'll get people crazy in clubs and at shows.

The extended original might not be as massive, less horizontally jumpin' and more stoned, but it's still an instant classic piece of funk'n'scratches mastery. The exclusive track "Beats Thru Space"is more filler stuff, some jugglin' instrumental hip hop to play with on your turntables, so DJs, we can say you've been warned: this essential 12 inch is out there, now. Pull out the cash.

More info on Cut Chemist on

06. Cunninlynguists - Hellfire (Joey Beats Remix Instrumental)
(from 'Joey Beats, Cunninlynguists, Blak - Hellfire' 12 inch, Super Bro SB06006, 2006-12-11)

When one of our favorite southern america hiphoppers (featured in's best of 2006 part 1 selection), the rising duo Cunninlynguists (Deacon the Villain & Kno), get remixed by Sage Francis's collaborator in the Non Prophets project (on Lex Records), Joey Beats, it simply brings war to the dancefloor. The instrumental alone is a heavy in-your-face number to put in your bag for tear-the-roof-off parties.

More info on this EP on
More info on Cunninlynguists on (also here, in french)
More info on Joey Beats on and

ugly duckling
07. Ugly Duckling - Left Behind
(from 'Left Behind' 12 inch, Fat Beats FB2528, 2006-09-04)

"We've learned to know the rule: a new Ugly Duckling EP means "FIESTA" for all the party people (in the house). And once again their new single (extracted from their superb "Bang For The Buck" album) is another banger of West underground old school dancefloor hip hop with funny lyrics - yeaaaah what's that for a tag?!"

More info on Ugly Duckling on



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Captain Détendu Captain Détendu ·  08 January 2007, 17:08

Les blocs sont taillés à la perfection, le tracklisting aussi ! Mention spéciale au remix de Grant Phabao, qui, sans parti pris aucun, est la perle rare qui brille de mille feux au milieu de cet écrin précieux. En anglais, ça ferait un truc plus classieux, du genre the pearly shell which shine etc etc, mais vachement dur à prononcer. Sauf pour ceux qui sont fluent. A ne pas confondre avec confluent. Bien que l'un n'empêche pas l'autre.

Zechevre Zechevre ·  23 March 2007, 12:11

Bon son pour la soirée !Joli boulot !

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