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Loik - Charles Is The One Vol.1

Charles Stepney
Loik - Charles Is The One Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked, 2006-03-10

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Charles Stepney est un nom encore trop peu connu, alors qu'il est un des apports majeurs de l'évolution de la musique noire des 60's et 70's. Et pourtant si on cherche sur le net il n'existe que 2 photos un peu floues du Monsieur. Posons alors avec ce podcast une petite pierre pour la pyramide qu'il mérite que nous les authentique Soul lovers se devont de lui bâtir.
Vibraphoniste puis arrangeur et producteur de génie: The Dells, Muddy Waters, Rotary Connection, Earth Wind & Fire, Deniece Williams, c'est lui qui découvrit l'angelique Minnie Ripperton et le soulful Terry Callier lorsque qu'il était producteur pour le cultissime label chicagoan Cadet. Stepney c'est avant tout des orchestrations et des arrangements d'une flamboyance psychédélique totalement unique. Checkez ici sa version du 'Dear Prudence' des Beatles par Ramsey Lewis ou le génial 'Black Gold' de Phil Upchurch. Vous comprendrez de quoi je parle.
Alors faisons de lui une star au meme titre qu'Axelrod et des autres producteurs cultes des 70's. Puisse le nom et le travail de Charles Stepney se répandre sur les toiles et faire des émules car Ain't no doubt about it:
Charles is the one!!

Charles Stepney is still a rather obscure name, even though he's one of the major contributors to black music's evolution in the 60's and 70's. And yet if you search on the Net you can only find 2 fuzzy photographs of the Man. That's why we thought we could, with this podcast, lay a first stone for the pyramid he rightfully deserves, the monument which us, real Soul lovers, ought to built for him.
Vibraphonist, then arranger and one genius of a producer: The Dells, Muddy Waters, Rotary Connection, Earth Wind & Fire, Deniece Williams, he is the one who discovered the angelic Minnie Ripperton and the soulful Terry Callier when he was producer for the cult chicagoan label Cadet.
Stepney is all about the orchestrations and arrangements, with their completely unique psychedelic flamboyance. Check here his version of 'Dear Prudence' (the Beatles) by Ramsey Lewis or the brilliant 'Black Gold' from Phil Upchurch. You'll get what I'm talking about.
Thus let's make a star of him on the same level as Axelrod and other worshipped producers from the 70's. May the name and work of Charles Stepney spread itself on the webs out there and give inspiration to all cos Ain't No Doubt About It:
Charles is the one!!

Links :
Une bonne bio / A cool bio:
Downbeat Magazine, November 26, 1970: "For The Record: Charles Stepney" by Edwin Black

Tracklisting :
01. Minnie Ripperton - Les Fleurs
(from 'Come To My Garden', 1970 / GRT)
02. Ramsey Lewis - Dear Prudence
(from 'Mother Nature's Son', 1968 / Cadet)
03. Phil Upchurch - Black Gold
(from 'Upchurch', 1969 / Cadet)
04. Terry Callier - You Goin' Miss Your Candyman
(from 'What Color Is Love', 1972 / Cadet)
05. The Dells - Free And Easy
(from 'Freedom Means', 1971 / Cadet)
06. The New Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
(from 'Hey Love', 1971 / Cadet)
07. Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation
(from 'Spice Of Life', 1969 / Cadet)

Original covers :

Download MP3

Credits :
Selected and mixed by Dj Loik (Kraked)


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rob p rob p ·  11 March 2006, 19:24

Apologies from a non-French speaking Australian, but...

You've the best tunes/podcasts on the web. At last I've got my iTunes to subscribe to your feed, but I can't get any Archived casts, only (the superb) Charles Is The One Vol.1.

How can I access your older podcasts? Especially... Doctor L & Manu Boubli - Mind Radio Show #3

Everything is everything, and your everything is very very good indeed.

Much thanks and Antipodean respect.

Hope to hear your past as well as future.

peace rob p

frequency decoder frequency decoder ·  13 March 2006, 04:57

Pardonnez-moi pour le tres mauvais français!

C'est vraiment un podcast incroyable - j'ai rien autre à dire!


guido guido ·  24 March 2006, 08:23


toi meme tu sais!


JazzDJ JazzDJ ·  25 March 2006, 09:50

Right On ;-)

Charlene Stepney Charlene Stepney ·  09 July 2006, 14:48

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been working on building a comprehensive website in honor of my father for some time. I am quite enthused always to hear about others who respect his art as much as we do.

He was a hard worker. Please visit soon. I'd love to have a joint link with you or even create some podcasts together.

Charlene Stepney-Wright

Shai*Li Shai*Li ·  04 December 2006, 10:26

well done guys...
un site tres instructif et complet.une aproche et un ton differents de tous les sites musicaux anglophone..(probablement l'accent parisien though 8-)...
c'est tout....merci pour le rafraichissement musical...
peace & respect from bristol

westcoastfantasy westcoastfantasy ·  14 January 2007, 14:06

Great site. The Charles Stephney mix is the shiznit. I'm listening to music that I haven't heard since I was a youngin. Thanks for sharing.

fabs fabs ·  05 May 2007, 09:44

very good. for some similar vibes, visit marc mac (4 hero) podcast where there are a couple of also very good tributes to Charles Stepney and Richard Evans. oh and not forgetting the Mizell brothers.

Sheem Sheem ·  05 August 2007, 15:31

TIght Article...Charles Stepney was soooooo cool. There is nothing out there that shows that side of him. I'd love to hear his ideas and feelings about music...since he did himself create musical masterpieces!

gabzeta gabzeta ·  25 October 2009, 10:24

Terry Callier---> AAh la partie samplée par Urban species dans Listen :)) La pépite !

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