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Life - Outside Looking In

Life Outside Looking In
Life - Outside Looking In
(2xCD) Zebra Traffic ZEBTRAFCD037, 2008-03-03

Tracklisting CD1 (Outside Looking In - Album):
01. Intro
02. Fire The Facts
03. Bad Minds
04. You Know The Name
05. Bomb Propaganda
06. Peace
07. It’s Official
08. Soldiers
09. Prison
10. Daddy
11. Skit - Drift Away
12. Come With Me
13. Serious Times
14. Sound Of The Beast
15. Devil Mentality
16. Hands Up
17. Call Me Money
18. Right In Your Face
19. What’s Going On
20. Outro

Tracklisting CD2 (Bonus Disc - Life Beat Tape) :
01. Rough Beat
02. Galt’s Memory
03. Keith
04. Warriors
05. Rance Beat
06. Hush
07. Long Road
08. Mirage
09. Players
10. Teddy
11. Margie Beat
12. Cole
13. Bomb
14. Danger
15. Jnr
16. The Phantom
17. Sound Of The City
18. Stax
19. Ding Ding
20. 3rd World
21. Lock Up
22. Spleen
23. Ramsay
24. Walk On
25. Time
26. You Know
27. Wild
28. R.I.P

Note : CD2 is a collection of 28 tracks of classic, re-worked and exclusive Life instrumental material.

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Press Release :
Picking up where the previous instalment Realities of Life left off, Outside Looking In sees Marsh Farm’s finest in top form, doing what he does best… honest, open, reality based rap music. You’ll find no fake gangster-posturing here, no tall tales of wealth and jewels, just a cohesive album of truth based music. A healthy dose of musical honesty in fact!

It sees Life in a more mature mode too. Assured raps that touch on various, pretty darn relevant subjects in these days and times. And while it may be regarded in some quarters, as passé to speak out against subjects such as the war, racism and the prison system (witness the recent backlash against the likes of Al Gore, Michael Moore and Mark Thomas etc), Life believes that music should remain a vessel for change, for protest. And while his music acts as an outlet for his views, his words are backed by actual experience, and illustrated by his collaborative work with Amnesty International, Peace Not War and Love Music, Hate Racism.

As before, long-time friend, PhiLifeCypher cohort and DJ: Nappa produces the entire album. His almost telepathic working relationship with Life again yields devastatingly effective results. His love for funk, soul, prog-rock, reggae and the like really shines through over the 20 tracks, as he, again comes up with goods, delivering a wide selection of backdrops for Life’s frenetic delivery. The music remains hard-hitting and, in the traditions of hip-hop…raw! Yet at the same time there is an undeniably soulful, emotional edge to the beats, with the end result, a truly potent musical brew!

And not content with just producing the album, Nappa also gets his chance to shine on a solo-level (with the help of Mr Thing who pitches in with two beats) on Disc 2: Life Beat Tape, a collection of 28 tracks of classic, re-worked and exclusive Life instrumental material. The aim was to give Nappa a platform to display his skills and to offer a little something extra to the fans that have supported the music over the years.


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aidan aidan ·  04 March 2008, 19:16

Yeah, great CD. Check out my review on my website:

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