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Katalyst - What's Happening

Katalyst Whats Happening
Katalyst - What's Happening
(CD) BBE Music BBECD103, 2008-04-15

Tracklisting :
01. How Bout Us (3:43) feat. Steve Spacek
02. All You've Got (3:52) feat. Hau, Ru C.L., Yungun
03. I Know A Place (4:57)
04. Say What You Feel (3:27) feat. Stephanie McKay
05. Over And Over (3:55) feat. Mat McHugh
06. May Have Been James Brown (4:26)
07. Loaded Gun (3:37) feat. Joe Volk
08. Dedicated (3:22) feat. Diverse
09. What Are We Talking About? (4:18)
10. Step Up (3:34) feat. Ru C.L.
11. War (1:00)
12 To Dust (3:17) feat. Katie Noonan
13. Killing Ya Self (3:58) feat. J-Live
14. He Is Society (3:56)
15 Bladewalker (3:41) feat. Adalita

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Press Release :
“What's Happening” is a musical excursion through different styles. Moving seamlessly though space-aged soul, hip-hop, funk and rock, this project is diverse. Katalyst is a hugely successful Australian artist, now signed to BBE for Rest of World; we will develop this success into more global recognition. On this album he collaborates with many talented and like-minded artists from US, UK and Australia. The album was started in 2006 and completed over the course of about a year. Some of the guests were recorded at Katalyst’s studio in Sydney Australia, while others were recorded in the US and the UK.

This album makes comment on many issues facing us today. The title of the album,” What’s Happening" can be interpreted in several ways - be it what's happening socially, politically, environmentally, economically or personally. The other take on the title is of course what's happening musically.

The tracks were written with the respective vocalists in mind – once the vocals were recorded their was often additional production and arrangement done.

This record was produced and mixed at Katalyst's M2 studios. The record was written using MPC4000, MPC60, computer, various outboard synths, keyboards and equipment. There were additional live elements recorded at various locations.

"Hip hop has become a monster and it's birth place, the good old USA, is not a good place to be looking for interesting, cutting edge hip hop these days and if you are, then you have to dig deep. In the USA current hip hop is all too often mirroring it's society - it's all about money, machismo and me, me, me. Having a clothes line and some sneakers named after you is as important as the music. Innovation has been lost in a rush to sound the same as everyone else, because that's what's selling, right? It's more hip pop than hip hop these day and I for one am not buying it. The good thing is hip hop's tentacles have reached all corners of the globe and everyone is giving it their personal twists Personally I'm listening to as much hip hop from Africa and the UK as I am from the US. Well now my horizons have just been broadened. Katalyst actually hails from Australia and I'm guessing he's over 30 as he's looking back to the old school and the golden age of hip and early 70's black music. Funky, soulful beats with some nice modern production. Positive, thought provoking lyrics and political commentary litter the album though he never forgets people want to nod their heads - edutainment any one? I threw the CD in the player and was instantly hooked and now I've given it a few listens it's dragging me further into it's musical web.. Steve Spacek does a good job of reincarnating the spirit of Curtis Mayfield, local heroes Ru C.L and Hau fly the flag for Ozzie mcs, J-Live, Diverse and Supernatural keep it real and show the US isn't all bad and Yungun has just become my favourite UK mc - the real lyrical find of the album for me - "I don't carry guns, I just stick to them". If you've never brought a hip hop album don't be scared this album will appeal to anyone with a soulful, funky sensibility and is a great introduction to how lyrically valid and eloquent rap can be in the right hands. It's official Bondi is the new Bronx.." - James Barrie - Global Souljah (Barcelona), February 2008


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