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Kaleta & ZoZo Afrobeat - Country Of Guns

Kaleta and Zozo Afrobeat Country Of Guns
Kaleta & ZoZo Afrobeat - Country Of Guns
(LP - vinyl only!), Tramp Records TRLP-9003, 2008-03-17

Tracklisting :
A1. Get Up (10:15) | RealAudio
A2. Baba Nla Iya (Intense Suffering) (12:15) | RealAudio
B1. Shake Your Nyansh (11:13) | RealAudio
B2. Fimile (Leave Me Alone) 10:36) | RealAudio

Links :

Band Members :
Kaleta (Leon Ligan-Majek) : composer, lead vocals, guitars, percussions and band leader - REP OF BENIN & NIGERA
Benon Lipowski : guitars - POLAND
Dave Ahl : keyboards, band director - USA
Jeremy King : congas, percussions - USA
Neil Landau : percussions - USA
Vlad Gutkovich : drums - USA
Jeremy Kay : bass guitar - USA
David Aaron : tenor sax, vocals - CANADA
Brett Leghorn : trombone, vocals - USA
Rodney Siau : trumpet, shekere, vocals - USA
Paul Carlon - tenor saxophone - USA
Ilia Skibinsky : alto saxophone - ISRAEL
Judith Rahilly : vocals - USA
Koleurz : vocals - NIGERIA
Mai Lingani : vocals - BURKINA FASO
Gloria Osaghae : vocals, shekere, claves
Nigeria Zozo Afrobeat Extended Family :
Jim Kost : Mambo, Perfecta
Aroben : Mambo

Press Release :
"Zozo"taken from the Goun and Fon word for "something steaming hot", truly keeps the Afrobeat fire burning. A 13-piece ensemble from New York City, Zozo Afrobeat features musicians from around the world and led by african music luminary Kaleta. Born in the Republic of Benin and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Kaleta grew up recording and performing with legendary Nigerian musicians Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade. After moving to the U.S., Kaleta toured with Femi Kuti and most recently Lauryn Hill.

With Zozo Afrobeat, Kaleta's music pays homage to the greats, and yet has its own distinctive sound and energy. Like Fela Kuti, who used his music to challenge a corrupt Nigerian government, Kaleta has written songs that are socially and politically provocative. At the same time, his lyrics reflect a keen sense of humor and a message of hope. On Zozo Afrobeat's 2007 release, "Country Of Guns", Kaleta scatters pop-culture references and marvels of a country with "250 million people and 250 billion guns". On other songs, Kaleta sings in Yoruba, Goan, Fon and French.

On stage, Kaleta displays remarkable energy - singing, dancing, playing guitar and percussion. The band respo,ds accordingly, delivering cascades of horns, hypnotic Benino-Nigerian rhythms, and captivating solos. Zozo Afrobeat has played at the Lincoln Center "Out of Doors" Festival, the Brookyln Museum and various clubs in the New York area.

Distribution : Kudos Records Ltd. (world), Boombox dist. (UK), Boogaloop Rec. Dist. (Spain)


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