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Kail - True Hollywood Squares

kail true hollywood squares
Kail - True Hollywood Squares
(CD/Download) Big Dada BDCD117/BDDNL117, 2008-04-22

Tracklisting :
01. Welcome To True Hollywood Squares 01:53
02. The Realest Motherfuckin' Tour Guide Ever 03:36
03. John Booboo 04:42
04. Hawaiian Silky 04:47
05. Peter Pennyworth 04:51
06. Wendy 04:07
07. Commercial Break 01:29
08. Sweet Dicky Willy 04:56
09. Motorola Twins 05:29
10. Cola (The Rhapsody) 03:30
11. The Glitterati (Hood Rat Remix) 04:22
12. Three In The Morning 06:49

Links :

Press Release :
Every now and again, a rap record comes along that effortlessly walks the line between street-tough, gangsta grit and charming, disarming humour and intelligence. Think Nas' or Gravediggaz' first records, or Blueprint-to-the-Black Album era Jay-Z; confident, hungry, quotable and immersive music that you can listen to on repeat and lose yourself in for days. We're pretty sure we've found one of these records, and in comes in the shape of 'True Hollywood Squares' by LA rapper Kail.

The buzz started in his hometown, on the lesser documented streets of Hollywood, away 'from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's sh*t' and smack in the middle of the 'real motherf*cking tinsel town,' in the 'shady hiding spots for all the crooks from the sets.' Although Kail and his crew Customer Services are at the virtuosic level of MCing required to be a part of the Good Life cafe scene, it was soon noticed that Kail's tracks could also be heard creeping out of the windows of the kind of cars you don't cut up as they crawled through South Central LA, the streets Kail calls home.

Despite mutterings in the background along the lines of 'this generation's Ice Cube,' Kail is 100% his own man. His personality leaps from the speakers with every bar, his character rap will have the toughest listener collapse in the deepest belly-laughs, and essentially he just has that thing, that extra something, that screams 'star.'

We're very pleased to announce that Kail has joined the Big Dada ranks as of the last couple of weeks, and now we just can't wait for you to hear the album. Out next April, 'True Hollywood Squares' is a stone cold classic, the kind of record you play to people who don't like hip-hop just to watch them convert. This is exactly the kind of rapper who makes disciples.


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