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Jon Kennedy - On The Both Days EP

jon kennedy On The Both Daysjon kennedy On The Both Days
Jon Kennedy - On The Both Days EP
(12") Oriental Source/Grand Central OS-002, 2006-03-20

Tracklisting :
01. Jon Kennedy - Something Like This | Download MP3
02. Jon Kennedy - Pushin' It | Download MP3
03. Jon Kennedy - The Nerve Center | Download MP3
04. Jon Kennedy - Something Like This (aldo Vanucci Remix) | Download MP3

Press Release :
Since Jon Kennedy, based in Stockport, released his first album "WE'RE JUST WAITING FOR YOU NOW" on Tru Thoughts in 2000, he has done many remixes of aritsts such as AIM, PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO, HINT, ALDO VANUCCI, QUANTIC, BAKER BROTHERS and more. He specialises in HEAVY DRUM BREAKS, SMOOTH UP-BEATs & CHILLED DOWNBEAT's. Jon has managed to gain popularity not only in Europe but the entire globe. He is now becoming popular in the U.S. and Japan prospectively. Jon has played as a drummer for ten years and more from his school days. He his creations with a live band who toured the U.K. and Europe in the last couple of years.
After one album release and three 12" singles he left Tru Thouhgts in 2002. After which Jon signed up with Manchester based record label Grand Central Records (now based in London), which has won popularity in the Hip Hop, Break Beats, and street scene. This led to Jon's second album "TAKE MY DRUM TO ENGLAND" and the most recent THIRD album "USELESS WOODEN TOYS". Also on GC, Jon released the much sought after "THE LOAFER" a 10 inch single. It was used as a limited release for promotional purposes, it sells for as high as $100 in the used market.
The assumed name 777 is one of Jon's other projects supported by JACQUES LAVERNE RECORDS based in Manchester. He also releases on a label called BLACK MARKET FUNK RECORDS based in the U.S. under yet another assumed alias KRS JON...
With Jon branching out into a heavier more ROCK sound of late and having a 10 year relationship with skateboarding and its scene he has found steady support and backup from many skate brands along the way such as ELEMENT, GLOBE, ETNIES, 686, VANS, DC SHOES and now the street brand OBEY of L.A. shows interest in Jon proving that Mr Kennedy isn't messin' about and the roots run deep in the scene.
He also produced and remixed works from the movie by BRUCE ROBINSON - "WITHNAIL AND I", his love for toys is also ever present and has worked on music for a DVD with MINIPIPS toy collective. On top of all that Jon writes the music pages for a European art and skateboard magazine called MODART based in France...
To summerise Jon is not only acting positively in the music scene but in the film industry, art, fashion and on a street level. Proving Jon Kennedy to be a producer, in all manners, to watch closely.
check out : for releases, gigs and updates on Jon's musical career !
Aldo Vannuci (Catskills) has a good relationship with Jon Kennedy and has blown a new Hip Hop Break Beat sound into "Something Like This" via a remix.


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