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JeSaisPas Orchestra - Déconne, Déconne et Bonne Humeur Vol.1

grant phabao and djouls deconne et bonne humeur
JeSaisPas Orchestra - Déconne, Déconne et Bonne Humeur Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast) T.I.M.E.C., 2005-12-12

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Tracklisting :
01. Steve Martin - Intro
(from 'Let's Get Small' 1977 / Warner Bros)
02. Ugly Duckling - Opening Act
(from 'Taste The Secret' 2004 / Emperor Norton)
03. The Monty Python - Sit On My Face
(from 'Contractual Obligation Album' 1980 / UK: Charisma, US: Arista)
04. Flevans - Go get The Big Horn
(from 'When Shapes Join Together 3' 2002 / Tru Thoughts)
05. Monty Python - Extract
(from 'Monty Python's Previous Record' 1972 / Charisma)
06. Parliament - My Automobile
(from 'Osmium' 1970 / Invictus)
07. Freakwincey - I Farted
(from 'I Farted' 1997 / Rephlex)
08. The Monty Python - I Bet You They Won't Play This Song On The Radio
(from 'Contractual Obligation Album' 1980 / UK: Charisma, US: Arista)
09. Luke Vibert / BJ Cole - Swing Lite - Alright
(from 'Stop The Panic' 2000 / Cooking Vinyl)
10. The Monty Python - I Like Chinese
(from 'Contractual Obligation Album' 1980 / UK: Charisma, US: Arista)
11. Benny Hill - Gather In The Mushrooms (intro)
(from 'Gather In The Mushrooms' 7" 1961 / Pye)
12. Blowfly - The First Black President
(from 'Fresh Juice' 1983 / Oops! Records)
13. The Ju Ju Orchestra - Kind Of Latin Rhythm
(from 'Brazilectro - Latin Flavoured Club Tunes Session 7' 2005 / Audiopharm)
14. Dj Guarana - Ma Che Mambo!
(from 'Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba' 2005 / T.I.M.E.C.)

Original covers :

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Info :
Selected and mixed by the JeSaisPas Orchestra (TIMEC)
Artwork by Fourmy & Djouls (parody of "Life Of Brian")


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arno arno ·  23 May 2006, 13:00

ca fait du bien de s'amuser

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