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Jellybass - Transatlantic

Jellybass TransatlanticJellybass Transatlantic
Jellybass - Transatlantic
(12") LoHz Recordings LOHZ12001, 2008-03-08

Tracklisting :
A1. Transatlantic feat. Abdominal
A2. Transatlantic (Instrumental)
B1. Vulgar
B2. Liquid Metal

Links :

Press Release :
LoHz serve up a winning combination of Toronto's finest MC, 'Abdominal' and UK sub-melters 'Jellybass' resulting in a funk fuelled track bringing together elements of hip hop, breaks and dub. Transatlantic leads the way, closely followed by two bonus instrumental tracks from Jellybass; the first being an off the wall and widely popular swing/breaks track 'Vulgar'. The second delving into the deep dub underground with reggae and dubstep influences: 'Liquid Metal'.

All three tracks do exactly what they say on the tin, a generous helping of feel good bass lines that won't fail to impress. Jellybass have been subject to the affection of Mr Scruff, Danny Breaks, Treva Whateva, A Skillz and Benji B. The previous Jellybass single also featured on the playlists of Domu on BBC Radio 1Xtra and Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1.

Biography :
Since the phenomenon of Jellybass started in the summer of 2006, the identities of the creators dubbed 'Lo & Hz' were kept secret; they did not want their previous musical releases or styles to influence listeners in any way. Jellybass was an instant hit among breaks, garage, dubstep and downtempo listeners, and since then Jellybass have release a single on vinyl, an album online, and a free half hour Jellybass mix.

The guys behind the monstrous basslines are none other than Chix and Joe. Both are DJ's, both produced and released tunes for a few years before they met up and joined forces, and both REALLY love bass. DJ Chix has been playing since Bigbeat was around, right up to the Tearout & Bassline Breaks of today. His previous productions consist mainly of funky bassline breaks, but also runs a live Drum & Bass band 'Gojira', writes music for TV ads and runs a production company, Run Don't Walk. Joe's talents have seen airing on many a vinyl in the garage scene, remixes on compilations and his artwork, well just look at the JB logo. TnG productions, Joe's label, has had many releases from speed garage to 2 step and still continues to work into the downtempo scene.

Chix and Joe met after hearing each others releases, and realising they lived in the same neighbourhood. They became close friends instantly, and went to see Mr Scruff at The Brook in Southampton. That night, the inspiration for Jellybass was born.

A week later, Chix came up with a track called Vulgar. Joe liked it. Joe had been working on a track called Wobble. Chix loved it. They discovered their tracks had a similar 'feel'... About a month later, they had 10 tracks. They had never written music so naturally and quickly in the history of their producing. Surely this was a divine appointment? The name Jellybass was decided on and the logo 'just happened' ensuring they were onto something good.

A blasting round the internet indicated that most of the world loved it too, and were very anxious to get hold of it. Jellybass was reviewed by several magazines, including Computer Music who said: "This has to be among the best music ever featured in the music lounge...If there is any justice in the world, this should rise to the top of the pile by virtue alone!". A small label from Devon, Random Audio Records, signed up Jellybass and a single was released on vinyl. A few months later and Kudos Digital became interested, and an online deal was struck for the first album.

Obviously the second album is well into it's development, some of the tracks even feature on the mix.

Which brings us up to today... Have you heard it yet? Are you a fan of the big bottom wobbler?

Go on, download the free mix, then let us know if we managed to move you!


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