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Homelife - Guru Man Hubcap Lady

Homelife Guru Man Hubcap Lady
the best of 2004 part 2Homelife - Guru Man Hubcap Lady
(2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN93/ZENCD93, 2004-08-31

Info :
La fanfare electro-pop-funk de chez Ninja Tune est de retour! Un disque ludique et addictif de chansons et de mélodies improbables et lumineuses, aux grooves un chouia plus électroniques que sur leurs disques précédents, le "Flying wonders" de 2002 ("entre Beck, Burnt Friedman, et les Tindersticks"), ou le "Flying Wonders/Wobbly Jack EP" ("version balkanique de Can sous coke"). Il ne faut absolument pas que Ninja tune lâchent leur fanfare from Manchester et qu'ils continuent à nous abreuver chaque été (le disque est sorti au mois d'Août 2004) de rafraichissements de ce type. Passez le mot! (pour cela le plus simple consiste à choper les mp3 ou l'album et surtout, c'est essentiel, de les écouter)

Homelife Guru Man Hubcap Lady
Homelife - Guru Man Hubcap Lady
(2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN93/ZENCD93, 2004-08-31

Tracklisting CD :
01 Roman Foam
02 Guru Man Hubcap Lady
03 A Casa (The House)
04 Harder
05 Banjo
06 Windytreehouserollerdisco
07 Heaven Knows
08 The Lantern
09 April Sunshine
10 Lowdell Is Missing
11 Big Tree
12 Strangers

Tracklisting LP :
A1 Roman Foam
A2 Guru Man Hubcap Lady
A3 A Casa (The House)
A4 Harder
A5 Banjo
A6 Windytreehouserollerdisco
B1 Heaven Knows
B2 The Lantern
B3 April Sunshine
B4 Lowdell Is Missing
B5 Big Tree
B6 Strangers

Promo CD Artwork :
Homelife Guru Man Hubcap LadyHomelife Guru Man Hubcap Lady

Links :

Press Release :
" quality of excellent material assured most attractive Interest design well finished matchlessly beautiful sweetness of tunes unique more carefully inspected minutely tested & easiest of all the musical instruments to learn to play upon Peerlessly harmonious specially suitable for Cinema tunes English Indian Modern Oriental Ballads Lyrics and all types of melodies can be enjoyed..."

Homelife aren't interested in conforming to perceived norms, to genre, to standard recording techniques, to even having a proper line-up. A loose group of 8 or so members with countless other projects and commitments, they come together to make pop music for all those people who thought that somehow pop music was over.

Homelife's talents are marshalled by reluctant foreman Paddy Steer (bass and much more) plus core members Tony Burnside (vocal, guitar, young grandad). They wrote and produced most of the songs but other key individuals contribute to an organic composition process.

These include, in Paddy's own words:

Faron Brooks 'other worldly hermit weird fucker living in Canada'...
Seaming To 'found flying around the sky, she floats over this crazy shit'...
Maanila Santos 'Levenshulme via Rio, poem by Vincius de Moraes'...
Graham Massey 'never yet punched for playing the saxophone'
Semay Wu 'THE boss,when dancing in her steel toe capped riggers boots'

Unconventional in every sense, Homelife's extra vocal contributions come from the astonishing Seaming, are phoned in from Canada (Faron), or are spoken word (Maanila). And in any case, they are just the elaborate icing on a very strange, exceedingly juicy cake.

Paddy comes as close to summing up Homelife as you're likely to get: 'The beauty of Homelife lies is in the appreciation and incorporation of rich human elements'. Which is another way of saying that if you pour real human interest, love and enthusiasm from real people onto your hard drive, you come out with something unique.


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