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Heavenly Sweetness - Vol.1 - A Musical Introduction to the Label

Heavenly Sweetness
Heavenly Sweetness - Vol.1 - A Musical Introduction to the Label
(MP3 Podcast on Heavenly Sweetness, 2008-03-10

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Tracklisting :
01. The John Betsch Society - Earth Blossom (Loving Heart collage by Carlos Nino featuring Build an Ark and Najite & the Agindotan Family Band)
(from 'Earth Blossom' 7 inch, 2007 / Strata East/Heavenly Sweetness)
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02. Wadada Leo Smith - Love Supreme (For John Coltrane)
(from 'Kulture Jazz' album, 1995 / ECM)
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03. Doug Hammond - We People
(from 'Real Deal' album, 2007 / Heavenly Sweetness)
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04. Stanley Cowell - Travelin' Man
(from 'Regeneration' album, 1976 / Strata East)
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05. Marion Brown - Vista
(from 'Vista' album, 1975 / Impulse)
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06. Trudy Pitts - A Supreme Love
(from 'Me, Myself and I' album, 2003 / Scorp Leo Ltd)
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07. Billy Gault - The Time Of This World Is At Hand
(from 'When Destiny Calls' compilation, 1974 / Steeplachase)
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08. Hal Singer - Malcom X
(from 'Blues and News' album, 1971 / Disques Futura et Marges)
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09. Anne Wirz - Mother Of The Future
(from 'Infini' album, 2007 / Heavenly Sweetness)
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Original artworks :

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Info :
Here we are, the first Heavenly Sweetness podcast.
You can find in this mix some of our productions and some of our favorite tracks.
A nice introduction to our musical universe.

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Heavenly Sweetness
Thanks to Charly Turtlecuts and to you listener!


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Funkamatic Funkamatic ·  11 November 2008, 12:42

Plus que sensible à cette atmosphère, je croyais avoir tout entendu dans le genre: Mais, Billy Gault - The Time Of This World Is At Hand c'est presque méchant d'en être trop bon.

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