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Heartbreak - Lies

Heartbreak Lies
Heartbreak - Lies
(CD/LP) Lex Records/Differ-Ant, 2008-09-22

Tracklisting :
01. Regret (6:17)
02. Don't Lose My Time (4:36)
03. Soul Transplant (4:10)
04. Robot's Got The Feeling (3:39)
05. Akin To Dancing (6:56)
06. We're Back (7:28)
07. Deadly Pong Of Love (4:11)
08. Give Me Action (4:36)
09. Poison (5:09)
10. Living Just For Fun (4:33)

Links :
Heartbreak turn in an hour-plus mix of Italo, electro and more on this week's RA podcast on residentadvisor.netor on (french distribution)

Press Release :
A classic synth duo in the mould of Pet Shop Boys or Soft Cell, Heartbreak are Argentinian singer Sebastian Muravchix and British/French keyboardist Ali Renault. Fusing the modernity of electro with the melodic drama of early 80s Italo Disco, spiked with the dark energy of metal bands such as Black Sabbath, the London-based pair's powerful synth-pop has been described by Vice magazine as "how the '80s would sound today if the '90s hadn't got in the way". Others have christened it, with good reason, "metallo".

Championed early on by the likes of Aphex Twin, Vitalic and Klaxons, Heartbreak's music is rooted in the underground techno and disco of their youth. Yet it only takes one listen to "We're Back", "Robot's Got The Feeling" or "Akin To Dancing" to appreciate Heartbreak's timelesness... Then you see them live, catch Sebastian in his element, and it makes even more sense.

Wherever they play, Heartbreak kill it. At grimy electro nights, ritzy disco clubs, art parties, between rock bands in a pub, or at festivals, Heartbreak leave all mortals dancing with tears in their eyes.

Followers of the band will have noticed that Heartbreak's ascent has chimed with the blossoming affection for all things disco. This year, albums and shows by kindered acts such as Hercules & Love Affair, Chromatics, Glass Candy and the Italians Do It Better crew have revamped the style and presented it to a new generation. In London, clubs like Horsemeat Disco, Lasermagnetic and Cocadisco are all the rage and busier than ever. And in Heartbreak, this scene has a group who embody the qualities of disco – the attitude, elegance and energy – and are destined to take it to places it's never been before.

"Heartbreak belongs in the world of disco," says Sebastian, "which is a world where people try to be and look as good as they possibly can. It's a world that doesn't merely embrace the absurd, but thoroughly transcends it."

Heartbreak release their debut album, Lies in September. Arriving hot on the heels of their anthemic single "We're Back", Lies introduces listeners to a world of raw and passionate fantasy – a world familiar to anyone who's caught their devastating live performances and witnessed the stage invasions. Like some tropical union between Depeche Mode and Giorgio Moroder, the ten songs of Lies are dark, tender and tuneful, and underscore Heartbreak's glittering pop prowess. With shows this year at Sonar, Glastonbury, dates with Neon Neon and The Presets under their belt and a stack of upcoming gigs, there's rarely been a better time to invite Heartbreak and Lies into your life.


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